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    1-Phase Frequency Converter

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    500VA Single Phase 120v 60Hz to 220v 50Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-60-500W
    500 VA solid state frequency converter, AC power supply, convert single phase 110V, 120V 60Hz to 220V, 230V, 240V 50Hz (vice versa), stable and pure sine wave output for household equipment, testing, etc.

    1kVA Single Phase 230v 50Hz to 110v 60Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-60-1101
    Reasonable price 1 kVA frequency converter, changing 1 phase 220V 230V 240V 50 Hz to 110 Volt 60 Hz, 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz, convert fixed frequency to the required frequency and voltage with pure sine wave output, portable AC power source.

    3kVA Single Phase 220v 50Hz to 110v 60Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1103
    3 kVA frequency converter, convert single phase 220V (France) 230V (New Zealand) 240V (UK) to 110V (Mexico) 120V (Canada), 60 Hz to 50 Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz, pure sine wave output, make different appliances work well on 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz power system.

    5kVA Single Phase 110v 60Hz to 220v 50Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1105
    5 kVA static pure sine wave frequency converter, change 1 phase 110V 60 Hz (e.g. Philippines) to 220V 50 Hz (e.g. China) in one step by built in step up transformer, also convert 230V, 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz, adjustable output voltage (0V to 300V) and frequency (40Hz to 499Hz).

    10kVA Single Phase 240v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1110
    10 kVA 1 phase solid state frequency converter, change 240V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz (vice versa), step up and step down frequency & voltage, supply high quality output electricity for test lab & production facilities.

    15kVA Single Phase 120v 60Hz to 230v 50Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1115
    15 kVA single phase 120V 60Hz (e.g. US) to 230V 50Hz (e.g. Singapore) frequency converter, change 110V 60Hz to 220V 50Hz by a single step up converter, variable output frequency and voltage (V/Hz), up to 300V, 400Hz adjustable.

    20kVA Single Phase 220v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1120
    Affordable 20 kVA 1 phase frequency converter (AC power supply), changing 220V 50Hz to 120V 60Hz (vice versa), built-in step down/step up insulate transformer, make imported appliances easy to work on different 50/60 Hertz power systems.

    30kVA Single Phase 120v 60Hz to 240v 50Hz Converter

    SKU: HZ-50-1130
    30 kVA pure sine wave AC power frequency converter, single phase 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V input, single phase 0V to 300V output, convert 50Hz power to 60Hz for household appliances, 400Hz for aircraft.