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    1kVA Single Phase 230v 50Hz to 110v 60Hz Converter

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    Reasonable price 1 kVA frequency converter, changing 1 phase 220V 230V 240V 50 Hz to 110 Volt 60 Hz, 120V 60Hz to 240V 50Hz, convert fixed frequency to the required frequency and voltage with pure sine wave output, portable AC power source.
    SKU: HZ-60-1101
    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    1 kVA static pure sine wave frequency converter (AC power supply) with built-in step up & step down transformer, 50Hz 60Hz up to 400Hz frequency conversion.


    Model HZ-60-1101
    Capacity 1 kVA
    Dimension 430*460*180mm
    Weight 45 kg
    Input Voltage 1 Phase 2 Wire: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V ± 10% (Option *)
    Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz ± 5%
    Output Voltage, current 120V Setting (Low grade): 0-150V, 8.4A
    240V Setting 0-300V (High grade): 0-300V, 4.2A
    Load stabilization Rate ≤±1%
    Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz up to 400Hz adjustable
    When the output is 400Hz, the load capacity can only reach 50% of the rated capacity;
    When the output is ≤120Hz, the load capacity can reach 100% of the rated value.
    Frequency Stability ≤±0.01%
    Harmonic Distortion Pure Sine Wave ≤2%
    Frequency meter 4 digit, digital frequency meter, resolution 0.1Hz/Step
    Voltmeter 4 digit, digital voltage meter, resolution 0.1V
    Ammeter 4 digit, digital ammeter, resolution 0.1A
    Watt meter 4 digit, digital Watt meter, resolution 0.1W
    Protection With overload, short circuit, over temperature
    Instantaneous power failure protection and alarm device
    Working Environment Temperature 0 - 40 deg.℃
    Humidity 0 - 90% (Non condensation)
    Warranty 18 months

    Tips: Why does the aircraft use 400Hz power?

    The frequency of AC power supply is usually 50Hz or 60Hz. Most of the countries in Asia and Europe adopt the electricity grid in the frequency of 50 Hertz. The United States, Japan, Canada, Taiwan in China, Brazil, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and other countries adopt the electricity grid in the frequency of 60 Hz.

    Then, why is the power source of the airplane 400Hz? Originally, if the frequency of the system is higher, fewer copper and steel materials will be used for the generator and transformer. Accordingly, the weight is lighter and the cost is lower. The shortcoming is that inductive reactance of the electrical device and circuit increases, the capacitive reactance decreases, the loss increases, and the transmission efficiency decreases. Conversely, the low frequency will increase the amount of materials used in electrical equipment, increase the weight and cost. Therefore, 50Hz and 60Hz are not suitable.

    There is a well-known saying in the aviation industry: Struggle to decrease every gram! Therefore, the aviation motor is required to have a high frequency, so as to reduce the volume and decrease the weight. However, the electrical transmission line on the plane is not too long, thus the loss is not the main contradiction. Therefore, 400 Hz power supply is the choice.

    Existing reviews of 1kVA Single Phase 230v 50Hz to 110v 60Hz Converter
    Frequency converter input voltage
    For your 1 kVA frequency converter, the input voltage is fixed to a certain voltage? so I cannot change between 220V and 230V?
    From: Greg | Date: 10/08/2020
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    ATO Responded
    The input voltage has +/- 10% tolerance, so if you ordered 230V one, then it will accept voltage variation in the range (208V - 250V).
    Fuse for 1kVA frequency converter
    We just purchased 1kVA frequency converter from ATO online shop, we would like to order extra fuses. Do you know what type I should buy and if so, do you sell them?
    From: Robmata | Date: 31/05/2021
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    ATO Responded
    No need to buy extra fuses. We includes 5 additional fuses "spare" with each converter.
    Regarding your frequency converter, I have a question for you.
    One last question. When you adjust the output, you only have the voltage and frequency you choose on one output, right?
    What I mean is that if you set the output to 60Hz there is no other output on 400Hz? The reason I ask is that I am concerned about interference since we will locate the transformer in an equipment room. Is there any risk of interference from your equipment?
    Ok, that was more than one question.
    From: Eknno | Date: 03/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, you only have the voltage and frequency you choose on one output. So, its one adjustment for voltage and frequency in the ranges (40-499.9Hz) & (0-150V).
    2. No risk of interference, just keep about 1 meter space distance around the converter.
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