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    Technical Support

    Greetings for choosing ATO industrial automation technical support services. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations and providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your needs. ATO online shop not only offers a diverse range of products including variable frequency drives (VFDs), load cells, brushless motors, and frequency converters, but we also actively collect and address our customers' inquiries. By collecting and analyzing the issues faced by our clients, we continuously refine our support processes and expand our knowledge base to better serve you. However, our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. We understand that every situation is unique, and we're always ready to delve deeper into any specific inquiries you may have.

    Your satisfaction is our priority, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you further. Whether you're seeking additional information, personalized guidance, or clarification on a technical matter, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Together, we can navigate through any technical challenges you may encounter. Feel free to reach out to us at your convenience, and let us be your trusted partner in automation technical support.

    Technical Support Guide

    If our products experience a drive failure, please rest assured that minimizing disruption to your operations is our top priority. While our product range boasts high levels of performance and reliability, occasional failures may still occur.

    Our trusted repair and service center is available to assist at any time. ATO team possesses comprehensive product expertise and is dedicated to offering prompt, professional, and guaranteed repair services for your industrial automation equipment.

    If you have questions, concerns, or problems with your 12V/24V/48V BLDC motors, VFDs, 1 or 3-phase frequency converters, or load cells, feel free to contact our ATO professional team or click on the technical support page below for more FAQs, troubleshooting, wiring and calibration services.

    BLDC motor for sale vfd for sale Frequency converter Load cell and force sensor
    BLDC Motor Troubleshooting, Wiring and Installation VFD Variable Frequency Drive FAQs and Troubleshooting  Frequency Converter 50Hz 60Hz FAQs and Troubleshooting Load Cell Troubleshooting, Wiring and Calibration

    Technical Support Blog

    ATO provides technical support blogs for brushless motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), load cell sensors, and other industrial automation products, accompanied by corresponding videos and step-by-step textual explanations. Whether you're troubleshooting issues or seeking optimization tips, our comprehensive resources offer insights into maximizing the efficiency and performance of these crucial components in various applications.

    BLDC Motor

    1. BLDC Motor Controller Control Speed with Analog Signal
    2. How to Reverse and Stop the BLDC Motor
    3. Connect a Hall Sensor to a BLDC Motor Drive
    4. Rotate a BLDC Motor for Electric Car
    5. Brushless DC Motor Wiring and Testing
    6. How does a BLDC Motor Control Speed with Controller

    Load Cell

    1. Check the Load Cell with a Multimeter
    2. Load Cell Transmitter 4~20mA Output Calibration
    3. How to Use HMI to Display the Data of Load Cell

    Frequency Converter

    1. Fuse/CBB65 Capacitor/MOS Tube Testing in Frequency Converter
    2. Transformer/IGBT/Driver Board Testing in Frequency Converter
    3. How to Operate Cabinet Frequency Converter

    Variable Frequency Drive

    1. 5 Frequency Control Methods for VFD
    2. How to Control the Frequency of VFD Based on PLC
    3. Constant Pressure Water Supply of Variable Frequency Drive
    4. Run 1 Phase VFD with a Push Button Switch
    5. VFD V/F Control and Vector Control Setting Up
    6. How to Set Up 120V to 220V VFD Panel
    7. Variable Frequency Drive Relay Output Setup
    8. How to Program a 3 Phase Motor with a VFD
    9. How does a VFD Connect to a Three Phase Motor

    Product Support

    Brushless DC Motors

    Variable Frequency Drives

    Frequency Converter

    Load Cell


    Service Support

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