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    How to Reverse and Stop the BLDC Motor?

    Brushless DC motor is composed of motor body and driver, which is a typical mechatronics product. High speed brushless motor refers to the motor without brush and commutator (collector ring), also known as the motor without commutator.

    The stator windings of the motor are made of three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. In order to detect the polarity of the rotor of the motor, a position sensor is installed in the motor. The driver consists of power electronics and integrated circuits.

    Brushless DC motor is widely used in automobiles, tools, industrial control, automation and so on. We also need to know how to use it. Taking ATO's brushless DC motor as an example, this paper describes how to use external switch button to reverse rotation, stop the motor, and external potentiometer to speed the brushless DC motor.

    • External Potentiometer Speed Regulation:

    BLDC motor potentiometer speed regulation

    Connect the basic 8 wires of the motor. Connect 24V power line, motor phase line and motor hall line as required. Then, connect COM directly with EN and BRK, check whether the DIP switch is correct. External potentiometer speed regulation is mainly used VCC, SV, COM three ports.

    BLDC motor control speed

    The apparatus we're going to use is a 10 kΩ potentiometer. SV potentiometer in the middle, VCC and COM potentiometer on both sides respectively. COM port is directly connected with EN and BRK. Making sure the RV knob on the controller is turned off before starting. And then, turn the potentiometer and the motor begins to rotate. Using this method, we can control the speed of motor from a distance.

    • Natural Stop Method:

    BLDC motor natural stop

    Because COM ports are used more, so extend COM out of the parallel out of 5 ports. BRK port is directly connected to COM, and EN port is connected to COM through a normally closed button switch. When EN is disconnected from COM by pressing the switch, the switch stops automatically.

    • Quick Stop Method:

    BLDC motor quick stop

    The difference from the motor's natural stop is that the button switch for quick stop is between BRK and COM, and EN is directly connected with COM. Use RV to adjust the motor to a certain speed, press the button switch, BRK is disconnected from COM, the motor stops quickly, restore the button switch, the motor resumes rotation.

    • Forward and Reverse:

    BLDC motor reverse

    The connection of commutation is mainly the connection between F/R port and COM. When F/R port is not connected with COM, it rotates clockwise, and when F/R port is connected with COM, it rotates counterclockwise. BRK and COM are directly connected, EN and COM between a natural motor stop switch. When the reversing button is pressed, F/R is disconnected from COM, the stop button is resumed, and the motor rotates clockwise.

    For more information about good price BLDC motor, please watch this video:

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