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    How to Connect a Hall Sensor to a BLDC Motor Drive?

    To let ATO BLDC motor drive fully perform its speed control function, it is very important for you to make sure that the hall sensor is properly connected to the driver. In this blog we’re gonna illustrate the correct wiring steps.

    As shown in the picture below, on the left is the driver and on the right is the brushless DC motor. The DC brushless motor has many more wires than conventional DC motors, and there are 5 Hall wires in the BLDC motor.

    bldc motor 5 hall lines

    The information for each terminal is shown on the housing of the driver, on top of which are arranged the DIP switch and the adjustment knob. A cooling fan is mounted to the alloy heat sink on the back.

    bldc motor drive wiring panel
    bldc motor drive cooling fan

    This is a 200W DC brushless motor with 8 wires including 3 power wires and 5 signal wires or hall sensor cables.

    bldc motor wires

    Power cables and Hall sensor cables need to be connected from the motor to the driver. The completed wiring is shown as follows.

    hall wires connected to bldc drive

    The thicker blue (0V) and red (24V) wires are to be connected to the positive (DC+) and negative (DC-) posts of power supply. The three power lines (red, yellow & blue ones) are intended to be connected to U, V & W. Among the five hall sensor wires, the red one should be connected to +REF, the black one connected to -REF, blue one to HU, green to HV, white to HW.  

    hall wires connection

    It should be noted that the COM must stay connected to the Enable port (EN) and the Brake port (BRK). Either of these two ports not being connected to COM will stop the motor rotating. On the other hand, these two ports can be used for stopping or slowing down the motor under proper conditions.

    hall wires connection note

    DIP switches in different designs feature corresponding functions as specified in the Function Description, and in this case, they are all set to OFF.

    dip switches on bldc drive  
    dip switches function discription

    Power on the system when the wiring is finished, and the green light on the motor driver starts to flash.

    power on bldc driver

    Turn the speed control knob RV clockwise, and the motor starts to rotate. You could also reverse the DC motor by connecting COM to F/R if required.

    speed control knob rv

    Three blue knobs on the top of the motor driver are designed for speed fine-tuning (available when the external voltage  is set between 0-10V), duration setting for acceleration/deceleration and magnitude setting of output current.

    bldc driver blue knobs

    With all being done, the DC brushless motor can run smoothly.

    View the following video for detailed explanation.


    ATO provides various brushless DC motors featuring different torques (2Nm/6Nm/10Nm/12Nm/16Nm/50Nm, etc.), speed (2000rpm/3000rpm/5000rpm/11000rpm/13000rpm/15000rpm/17000rpm,etc.) and optional voltage & power parameters. Customization is available. Optional accessories includes BLDC motor drivers and gearboxes for speed control, and braking function is also offered for customers’ selection. All of these devices are available at favorable prices. The more you buy, the more you save.

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