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    1/2 hp (400W) 72V Brushless DC Motor

    130mm square flange size brushless dc motor with low speed and big torque, 400W rated power works on 72V supply voltage, IP65 rating with shaft seal, can be subjected to moist or humid Environments.
    SKU: ATO-130WDM04010
    Delivery date: 15-20 days

    1/2 hp (400W) 72V brushless dc motor, 1000 rpm low speed BLDC motor, with good torque characteristics, high power density, and a very long service life. It is widely use in automatic machinery, medical institutions, electronic equiment ect..
    400W BLDC Motor Features

    • 130 mm square flange size, making it easy to install.
    • Brushless design for long life.
    • Excellent speed stability.
    • Hall signals for velocity feedback.
    • Cost-effective replacement for brush DC motors.

    Motor Specifications

    Basics Model ATO-130WDM04010
    Square Flange Size 130 mm
    Motor Weight 9.2 kg
    Technical Parameters Rated Voltage 72V DC
    Rated Current 6.8 A
    Rated Power 0.4 kW
    Maximum Power 1.3 kW
    Holding Torque 4 Nm
    Peak Torque 12 Nm
    Rated Speed 1000 rpm
    Maximum Speed 1200 rpm
    Electric Potential 60 V/Krpm
    Protection Rank IP 65
    Environment Temperature -20 ~ 55℃
    Humidity <90%RH (no dewing)

    Recommended 1/2 hp BLDC Motor Drive Manual

    Note: Tell us your application needs, we can customize your BLDC motor to meet your precise power, speed, voltage and current requirements.

    Motor Dimension
    brushless dc motor 130 dimension
    Application Field of Brushless DC Motor
    brushless dc motor applicationsTips: Maintenance of brushless DC motors

    1. Before disassembling, blow the motor surface dust with the compressed air and wipe the surface dirt thoroughly.
    2. Select the place for disassembling the motor and clean up the site environment.
    3. Be familiar with the motor structure and maintenance technical requirements.
    4. Prepare the necessary tools (including special tools) and equipment for dissembling.
    5. In order to further understand the motor running defects, do a check test before disassembling the motor. To this end, run the motor with load, and examine the various parts of the motor in detail, such as temperature, sound, vibration and so on, and test voltage, current, speed, etc., and then disconnect the load, do a no-load test alone, test the load current and no-load loss, make a record.
    6. Cut off the power, remove the motor external wiring, make a record.
    7. Use the appropriate voltage megohm meter to test motor insulation resistance. In order to be compared with the insulation resistance measured in the last inspection to determine the trend of motor insulation and insulation, insulation resistance measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, the general conversion to 75 ℃.
    8. The test absorption ratio is K. When the absorption ratio is greater than 1.33, indicating that the motor has not damp or moisture level is not serious. In order to compare with the previous data, the same absorption ratio measured at any temperature should be converted to the same temperature.

    In this video, we will show you how to connect a ATO 400W 24V brushless DC motor with its controller.

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