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    Brushless DC Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle

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    High speed BLDC motor controller is designed for electric motorcycles and electric scooters, equiped with powerful and intelligent microprocessor, up to 40000 electric RPM, compatible with 60 degrees or 120 degrees Hall position sensor and support any poles of brushless motor.
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    BLDC Motor Controller Features

    • Specially designed for electric vehicles like electric motorcycles and scooters.
    • Powerful and intelligent microprocessor.
    • High-speed low-loss synchronous rectification PWM modulation.
    • Strict current limit and torque control.
    • Greater starting current can get a faster start-up speed.
    • It has a battery protection function: When the battery voltage is low, the alarm will be timely and the current attenuation, low output to stop the protection of the battery.
    • With over-temperature protection: When the temperature is too high or too low will automatically current attenuation to protect the controller and battery.


    Basic Parameters
    Model ATOTH-G
    Size 200*146*62 mm
    Weight 3.5 kg
    Frequency of Operation 16.6kHz
    Standby Current < 0.5mA
    5V Sensor Supply Current 40mA
    Controller supply voltage range PWR, 18V to 90V
    Supply Current PWR, 150mA
    Analog Brake and Throttle Input 0-5 Volts. Producing 0-5V signal with 3-wire pot.
    Full Power Operating Temperature Range 0℃ to 50℃
    Operating Temperature Range -30℃ to 90℃
    Peak Phase Current, 10 seconds 50-120A (according to the model)
    Continuous Phase Current Limit 5-50A (according to the model)
    Maximum Battery Current Configurable
    Basic Functions
    1. Fault detection and protection. It can identify faults via LED twinkling code.
    2. Battery voltage real-time monitoring. It will stop work when battery voltage is too high or too low.
    3. Built in current detection and over current protection.
    4. The controller is equipped with temperature measurement and protection functions. At low and high temperatures, the current is cut to protect the controller and the battery.
    5. The controller can be configured by connecting the computer serial port, and the software can be updated. The controller configuration program runs on all Windows versions.
    6. Support 5V sensor power supply.
    7. 3 switch inputs. Connect to GND for valid signal. The default is the pedal safety switch input (to be configured via the customer software), the brake switch input and the reversing switch input.
    8. Three 0-5V analog inputs. The default is the pedal analog signal input, the brake analog signal input and the motor temperature sensor analog signal input.
    9. The Boost switch can be configured. The controller will output the maximum current, when the switch is turned on.
    10. The Economy switch can be configured. Limiting the maximum drive current to the controller is half the normal case, when the switch is turned on.
    11. Innovative ABS braking technology makes your brakes more powerful and smooth.
    12. 12V brake signal input can be configured.
    13. 3-phase Hall position sensor input, open collector output and the controller provides pull-up resistor.

    BLDC Motor Controller Dimension
    BLDC motor controller dimesion

    In this video, we will show you how to connect a ATO 400W 24V brushless DC motor with its controller.

    Existing reviews of Brushless DC Motor Controller for Electric Vehicle
    Good service and high quality products
    I bought a 750W BLDC motor and this controller a few days ago. At first, I didn't know how to wire it to the motor, after watching the video recommended by ATO engineers, I found it very easy to use. Thanks for the good service and high quality products.
    From: Naviathan | Date: 22/01/2019
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