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    3 hp (2.3 kW) 24V Brushless DC Motor

    2.3 kW brushless DC motor with a rated speed of 3000 rpm and a rated voltage of 24V, IP 65 rating with shaft seal, brushless design for long periods of operation with best price.
    SKU: ATO-130WDM07730
    Delivery date: 15-20 days

    3 hp BLDC motor with low noise, peak torque to 23 Nm, works on 24V DC voltage, providing 3600rpm output. It is widely use in automatic machinery, medical institutions, electronic equiment ect..

    • 130 mm square flange size, making it easy to install.
    • Brushless design for long life.
    • Excellent speed stability.
    • Hall signals for velocity feedback.
    • Cost-effective replacement for brush DC motors.

    3 hp 48V Brushless DC Motor Specifications

    Model ATO-130WDM07730
    Square Flange Size 130 mm
    Rated Voltage  48V DC
    Rated Current 59.3 A
    Rated Power 2.3 kW
    Maximum Power 7.3 kW
    Holding Torque 7.7 Nm
    Peak Torque 23 Nm
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Maximum Speed 3600 rpm
    Electric Potential 13.3 V/Krpm
    Motor Winding Plug Plug serial color White Green Blue
    Power line color Red Yellow Blue
    Power line definition A B C
    Hall Plug Plug serial number 1 2 4 5 6
    Hall line color Orange and 
    Orange Yellow Blue Green
    Hall signal definition 5V 0V Hall A Hall B Hall C
    Insulation Rank F
    Protection Rank IP 65
    Environment Temperature -20~55℃
    Humidity <90%RH (no dewing)

    Note: Tell us your application needs, we can customize your BLDC motor to meet your precise power, speed, voltage and current requirements.

    48V BLDC Motor Dimension
    3 hp brushless dc motor 130 dimension

    Application Field of Brushless DC Motor

    brushless dc motor applicationsTips: Advantages of DC brushless motors

    1. DC brushless motors have the characteristics of brush motors, and the drive is also a frequency change device, so it is also known as DC inverter; the operating efficiency, low speed torque and speed accuracy of brushless DC motors are better than any control technology inverters, because the brushless DC motor is controlled by the operation, it will not be like heavy-duty synchronous motor under the frequency control speed as the rotor plus start winding, it will not produce oscillation when the load mutation and out of step.
    2. The permanent magnets of brushless DC motors are now mostly applied with rare neodymium iron boron materials that have high energy. Therefore, the rare permanent magnet brushless motors are reduced by one frame size comparing to the same capacity three-phase asynchronous motors.
    3. DC brushless motors have low voltage, strong torque overload capacity, large start torque, and small start current and so on.
    4. The speed range is wide, the motor can run in speed range from low to medium to high.
    5. The motor does not have mechanical commutator and is applied with fully enclosed structure to prevent dust from entering the motor, which proves to be highly reliable.
    6. The motor control system is simpler than asynchronous motor.

    In this video, we will show you how to connect a ATO 400W 24V brushless DC motor with its controller.

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