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    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

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    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, Electric Type, 3-Wire-PNP

    The 3-wire-PNP cylinder electric type magnetic sensor is used to detect the position of the cylinder stroke. There is no need to install a machine-controlled valve (or stroke switch) and its mounting frame at both ends of the stroke, and there is no need to set a bumper at the end of the piston rod, so it is convenient to use. Its structure is compact, very reliable, and has a long service life. The magnetic sensor's maximum contact capacity is 6 W. There is no doubt that the cylinder switch can fully meet your needs.

    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, Electric Type, 3-Wire-NPN

    The cylinder electric type magnetic sensor has the characteristics of miniaturization, intelligence, digitization, multi-function and systematized. It has a variety of different styles and is suitable for various cylinders. The maximum contact capacity is 2.8 W. The 3-wire-NPN cylinder sensor is easy to install. The switch response time is fast. This magnetic cylinder sensor must be your best choices.

    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, Electric Type, 2-Wire

    The cylinder electric type magnetic sensor is matched with two installation accessories, there are three models of two-wire type, NPN three-wire type, and PNP three-wire type, which are suitable for a variety of cylinders. The maximum switching frequency is 1000HZ, which is easy to use and the electric type cylinder switch's response is very sensitive as well.

    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, 2-Wire

    The 2-wire magnetic sensors of the cylinder is provided to the controller as a position signal. The controller detects the presence of the magnetic switch signal, and realizes position control, stop and start of the cylinder. Its maximum contact capacity is 10 W, and the magnetic switch of the cylinder responds very Sensitive, the cylinder sensor is your best choice.