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    PAR Sensor, 400-700 / 350-1100nm Radiation Sensor

    SKU: ATO-PAR-400
    Cost-effective PAR sensor for sale online. Radiation sensor with 400-700nm or 350-1100nm spectral range. Aluminum alloy is the shell material of photosynthetically active radiation sensor, with anti-corrosion property. High sensitivity and sensitivity, compact construction and IP65 waterproofing. PAR sensor applys in agrometeorological research and crop growth monitoring.

    Pyranometer Sensor, 300-3000nm Radiation Sensor

    SKU: ATO-PRS-300
    Cheap pyranometer with 300-3000nm spectral range for sale online. Pyranometer sensor surface is coated by black coating with high absorption rate. Aluminum alloy instrument case can protect pyranometer safety. Precision spectral pyranometer widely applys in agriculture and forestry monitoring, tourism eco and weather stations.

    Solar Radiation Sensor, 300-1100nm

    SKU: ATO-SRS-300
    High precision solar radiation sensor at affordable price for sale. Radiation sensor mainly used for measuring solar radiation within 300-1100nm wavelength. Solar radiation sensor is designed on basis of silicon-cell principle, with high sensitivity, low power consumption and long service life.

    UV Radiation Sensor, 280-400nm

    SKU: ATO-URS-280
    Good price UV radiation sensor with 280-400nm spectral range for sale online. Ultraviolet radiation sensor is a precision sensor used to measure ultraviolet light in the atmosphere. Aluminum alloy shell material protects UV radiation sensor, can be used in any high intensity conditions.

    Radiation sensor is a precision instrument to measure wavelength. Many types of radiation sensors can be chosen in ATO, such as PAR sensor, pyranometer sensor, solar radiation sensor and UV radiation sensor. High sensitivity sensors with compact size and aluminum alloy shell material. Radiation sensor is widely uesd in agrometeorological research, solar energy and photovoltaic power generation, air pollution monitoring and medical research.