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    PAR Sensor, 400-700 / 350-1100nm Radiation Sensor

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    Cost-effective PAR sensor for sale online. Radiation sensor with 400-700nm or 350-1100nm spectral range. Aluminum alloy is the shell material of photosynthetically active radiation sensor, with anti-corrosion property. High sensitivity and sensitivity, compact construction and IP65 waterproofing. PAR sensor applys in agrometeorological research and crop growth monitoring.
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    Photosynthetically active radiation sensor is mainly used for measuring solar radiation within 400-700nm wavelength. Upper and lower parts of the PAR sensor can be separated and a silicon photodetector is built in. Waterproof connector for inclement weather.


    • Compact size for easy use.
    • No power supply measurement.
    • PAR sensor with metal construction, shell material is aluminum alloy.
    • Photosynthetically active radiation sensor suits in harsh environment.


    Model ATO-RK200-02
    Spectral Range 0-2500 μ*mol/m2*s 400-700 nm
    0-2000 W/m2 350-1100 nm
    Supply 5V DC, 12V-24V DC
    Accuracy ±5% rdg
    Range 0-2500 μ*mol/m2*s, 0-2000 W/m2
    Output 0-2000 mV 4-20 mA (2-wires) RS485
    Sensitivity 0-2500 μ*mol/m2*s 800 μV/μ*mol*m2*s 6.4 μA/μ*mol*m2*s  /
    0-2000 W/m2 1000 μV/W/m2 8 μA/W/m2  /
    Response Time < 1s (99%)
    Temperature Effect < 0.05%/℃
    Cosine Correction < 10% (until 80°)
    Non-linearity < ±2%
    Operating Temperature -40 ℃— +80 ℃
    Shell Material Aluminum alloy
    Storage Condition 10 ℃—60 ℃, 20%—90% RH

    Dimension (mm):

    PAR sensor dimension


    PAR sensor application

    Tips: What is Aluminum Alloy?

    Aluminum alloy shell is a kind of shell made of aluminum alloy, including aluminum profile shell and aluminum die casting shell. In addition to the general characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloy has some specific characteristics of alloy due to the different types and amounts of alloying elements. Good casting performance and plastic processing performance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, can be used as structural materials. Aluminum alloy shell is made of aluminum alloy materials, because of high grade, can effectively improve the added value of products, can be widely used in the electronic industry, generally including aluminum profile shell and aluminum die casting shell. Aluminum shell is processed on the aluminum profile obtained by aluminum stretching, high flexibility, depth can be arbitrarily cut, convenience is incomparable to other types of shell.

    Existing reviews of PAR Sensor, 400-700 / 350-1100nm Radiation Sensor
    Love this PAR sensor
    I purchased this PAR sensor for two months. High quality PAR sensor is good for my work. Love this sensor!! I will order more and highly recommend to my friends.
    From: Daye | Date: 07/06/2022
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    Better than I expected
    I bought this PAR sensor with the intention of trying it out. This product is better than I expected. The aluminum alloy protects the sensor well. Highly recommend!!
    From: Beahn | Date: 27/03/2022
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    Well worth buying
    I've had this PAR radiation sensor for two weeks. The performance of this sensor is excellent. I'm very satisfied with this product. Well worth buying!! I will order more.
    From: Shaun | Date: 23/03/2022
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