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    Timer Relays

    Timer relay, or time delay relay, is virtually a kind of relay, which generates a contact action after the set precision time when the input signal is added or removed. It is an electrical component that can switch on or off high voltage or large current circuit by using low voltage or small current. ATO online shop provides analog time delay relays and digital timer relays for your different applications. These timer relays have wide time setting and the operating voltages DC 12V, DC 24V and AC 220V are available. The 8-pin socket for DIN Rail mounting is also optional. For the specific information, please refer to the product pages.

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    Digital Timer Relay, 8 Pin, 24V DC/110-240V AC

    Digital timer relay with dual time display, countdown timer, timing setting range 0.01~9999 second/minute/hour, supply voltages 85V-265V AC (110-240V AC) or 24V DC. 4-digit LED display timer, easy to read, wide time delay range and high timing accuracy. 8-pin timer relay easy to mount, available with 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail.

    Digital Timer Relay, 8 Pin, 12V/24V/220V

    Digital timer relay with 3-digit LED display, time setting range 0.01~999 second/minute/hour, supply voltages 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC. 8-pin timer relay, easy to install, high accuracy and wide time delay range. Optional 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail.

    Analog Timer Relay, 6s/12s/30s/60s, 12V/24V/220V

    Time delay relay, analog, 8-pin, on-delay timer, multi timing range 6s, 12s, 30s, 60s, 6m, 12m, 30m, 60m, 6h, 12h, 30h, 60h for selection, power supply 220V AC, 12V DC or 24V DC, optional output modes suitable for your different applications. Also available with 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail.