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    Digital Timer Relay, 8 Pin, 24V DC/110-240V AC

    Digital timer relay with dual time display, countdown timer, timing setting range 0.01~9999 second/minute/hour, supply voltages 85V-265V AC (110-240V AC) or 24V DC. 4-digit LED display timer, easy to read, wide time delay range and high timing accuracy. 8-pin timer relay easy to mount, available with 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail.
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    Digital timer relay, 8-pin time delay relay, has timing setting range 0.01~9999 sec/0.01~9999 min/0.01~9999 hrs, easy to read with 4-digit dual time display. High quality and accuracy digital timer relay/countdown timer is widely applied in the industrial automation field with power supply 24V DC or 85-265V AC.

    Digital Timer Relay Specification

    Model ATO-TH100
    Mode of Operation On delay timer
    Supply Voltage (Optional) 85V-265V AC or 24V DC
    Output Mode (Optional) Mode 1: External pause reset, one group delay output
    Mode 2: One group instantaneous and one group delay output
    Mode 3: One group suspension delay output
    Mode 4: Two groups sync delay output
    Time Setting Range 0.01~9999 second/minute/hour
    Display Mode 4-digit display
    Contact Capacity 3A 250V AC (Resistive Load)
    Power Comsuption ≤2W
    Mounting Type Panel Mount
    Dimensions External (W*H*D) 48*48*73mm
    Cut-Out (W*H) 45*45mm
    Accessary (Optional) 8-pin Mounting Socket
    Weight 1kg
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50℃
    Humidity ≤85% no caustic or magnetic interference

    Digital Timer Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    TH100 digital timer relay dimensions

    Digital Timer Relay Connections & Output Operation Modes

    Mode 1: External pause reset, one group of contacts time limit output

    Timer relay connection

    Timer relay with external reset output operation mode

    Mode 2: One group of contacts instantaneous and one group time limit output           Mode 3: One group of contacts time limit output

    Timer relay switch connection diagram Timer relay switch output connectionTimer relay output operation mode

    Mode 4: Two groups of contacts sync time limit output

    Time delay relay connectionTime delay relay output operation mode

    See the video below for the use of ATO digital timer relay.

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