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    Digital Manual Tension Controller For Magnetic Particle Clutch/Brake

    SKU: ATO-TC-002
    Low price digital display tension controller with highly adaptable switching power supply, beautiful, intuitive display, external signal control 0~10VDC, input power AC85V~264V, frequency 50/60Hz, is ideal for magnetic powder clutch/brake.

    Roll Tension Controller for Magnetic Particle Clutch/Brake

    SKU: ATO-TC858B
    Automatic roll diameter tension controller system, semi-automatic control, for magnetic particle clutch/brake, with the switch, encoder and ultrasonic detector to control the tension of the roll material cumulative measurement. Output 0-10V, 4-50mA drive inverter and servo motor.

    Web Tension Controller for Powder Clutch/Brake

    SKU: ATO-TC858A
    Web tension controller for sale, LCD display, high precision, multi-function, full digital intelligent automatic tension control, send 0-24VDC control voltage command for magnetic powder clutch/brake. It can also output 0-10V voltage signal to control vfd, servo motor or other actuators to perform high-precision tension control on the coil material.

    Manual Tension Controller for Magnetic Powder Clutch/Brake

    SKU: ATO-TC-001
    Compact manual tension controller with an output voltage of 24V DC, providing current for excitation powder clutch/brake, hysteresis clutch/brake, etc. Manual tension controller is suitable for slitting machines, printing machines, and other equipment requiring channel tension control or cable processing.

    Automatic web tension controller prices as listed on the website, dual 24V/4A, drive magnetic powder brake/clutch, LCD display, it can output 0-10V, 4-20mA drive inverter, servo motor, widely used in printing, packaging, papermaking, cables, rubber, electronic batteries, textile printing and dyeing industries.