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    Roll Tension Controller for Magnetic Particle Clutch/Brake

    Automatic roll diameter tension controller system, semi-automatic control, for magnetic particle clutch/brake, with the switch, encoder and ultrasonic detector to control the tension of the roll material cumulative measurement. Output 0-10V, 4-50mA drive inverter and servo motor.
    SKU: ATO-TC858B
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    Automatic roll tension controller, semi-automatic control, dual 24V/4A output, can directly drive two magnetic powder clutches/brakes, LCD display, easy operation.


    Model ATO-TC858B
    Tension Inputs Micro-displacement based tension sensor (signal range: 200mV, power supply: 5VDC)
    Strain gauge based tension sensor (signal range: 20mV, power supply: 10VDC)
    Radius Detection Proximity switch or encoder, NPN signal, maximum frequency: 15kHz
    Power Supply 185~240V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Measurement Precision ±0.2%FS±1 Digit
    Sample Rate 100ms
    Control Algorithm PI (Proportional Integral)
    Main Outputs Dual 24V/4A, drive magnetic powder brake/clutch
    Auxiliary Outputs Dual 0~20mA, drive inverter or Electric-Pneumatic converter
    Tension Alarm Relay, normally open, 3A/250V AC
    Communications RS232, RS485
    Dimensions 246(W)x154(H)x156.5(D), unit: mm
    Weight 3.5kg


    Tension Controller Details


    1. Multi-function control, automatic tension control, with difficulty tension control function.
    2. Liquid crystal display, using high-precision D/A converter, the output accuracy is as high as 0.1%.
    3. Roll tension controller can directly start the magnetic powder clutch and brake, and also control the vfd and servo motor.
    4. Can accept single or dual sensor input signals, automatic zero adjustment and automatic calibration.
    5. Optional serial communication function, RS485 communication interface.
    6. With dual-axis switching and acceleration/deceleration control functions.
    7. Roll tension controller has password function, which can avoid changing the setting parameters during operation.
    8. Roll tension controller With storage box, you can backup various parameters.

    Installation Dimension (Unit=mm)
    Installation dimension

    ATO-TC858B Wiring Diagram
    ATO TC858B wiring diagramRoll Diameter Tension Controller Application Examples
    Roll diameter tension controller application examples

    Tips: What is a tension control system?

    The tension control system is often a system integration of tension sensor and tension controller. Currently it is mainly used in metallurgy, papermaking, film, dyeing and finishing, weaving, plastic, wire and other equipment. Automatic control system, its role is mainly to achieve synchronization between the rolls, winding and unwinding uniform control.

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