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    Magnetic Powder Clutch, Hollow Shaft, 6Nm-200Nm

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    High quality magnatic particle clutch rated speed with 1800rpm, rated torque 6Nm, 15Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm are optional, DC voltage 24V. Hollow shaft, quick response, used for tension control, torque limit and overload protection.
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    Magnatic powder clutch can choose rated torque 6Nm, 15Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm and 200Nm, 1800rpm rated speed, it can be used to paper making machines, cookie making machines and chemistry machines, superior quality and manufacturers direct sales.

    Magnetic Powder Clutch Features
    1. The excitation current is linear with the torque. The transmitted torque is substantially linear with the excitation current. As long as the magnitude of the stimulation current is changed, the magnitude of the torque can be controlled over a wide range. In general, the stimulus current is substantially proportional to the transmitted torque in the range of 5%-100% of the rated torque.
    2. Stable slip torque. When the stimulation current remains unchanged, the transmitted torque is not affected by the difference in rotational speed between the active and the driven, that is, there is no difference between the static friction torque and the dynamic friction torque, so that the torque can be stably achieved. This feature is applied to the tension control, and the user can accurately control the torque by adjusting the stimulation current, thereby effectively controlling the tension of the roll.
    3. Prevent heat generation due to slip. Generally, the friction part is inevitably heated or even burned when continuously sliding. However, the ATO magnetic powder clutch has a complete heat sink, which will not be too hot for a long time and has a long service life.

    6Nm-200Nm Magnetic Powder Clutch Specification:

    Model ATO-POC-006 ATO-POC-015 ATO-POC-025 ATO-POC-050 ATO-POC-100 ATO-POC-200
    Rated Torque 6Nm 12Nm 25Nm 50Nm 100Nm 200Nm
    Rated Current 0.74A 0.9A 1.1A 1.4A 2A 2.5A
    Rated Voltage DC24V
    Power 17.8W 21.6W 26.4W 33.6W 48W 60W
    No. of Hour Set 0.04S 0.04S 0.06S 0.09S 0.14S 0.3S
    Moment of Interial Input Side 2.70*10-3 Kgcm2 6.3*10-3 Kgcm2 1.2*10-2 Kgcm2 2.6*10-2 Kgcm2 7*10-2 Kgcm2 2.1*10-1 Kgcm2
    Onput Side 5.0*10-4 Kgcm2 1.1*10-3 Kgcm2 2.3*10-3 Kgcm2 5.8*10-3 Kgcm2 7.5*10-2 Kgcm2 5.0*10-2 Kgcm2
    Weight 2.7kg 5.2kg 9kg 14.5kg 37kg 53kg
    Maximum Speed 1800 r/min
    Weight of powder 14g 25g 39g 60g 117g 255g

    Magnetic Particle Clutch Dimension (unit: mm)
    Magnetic powder clutch dimension

    Model ATO-POC-006 ATO-POC-015 ATO-POC-025 ATO-POC-050 ATO-POC-100 ATO-POC-200
    L1 86 103 119 150 166 198
    L2 21 32 36 48 48 59
    L3 58 58 66 82 100 118
    L4 7 13 17 20 18 21
    L5 1 2 2 3 4 1
    L6 64 76 91 116 130 152
    L7 21 25 26 31 32 45
    D1 140 160 185 230 280 346
    D2 82 96 114 150 176 200
    D3 (g7) 70 80 90 110 125 160
    D4 60 68 80 95 110 140
    D5 60 68 80 95 110 140
    D6 42 48 55 68 80 110
    P M6*10L M6*10L M6*10L M8*12L M10*18L M10*18L
    Q M4*8L M6*8L M6*8L M8*12L M10*18L M10*18L
    d (H7) 15 18 20 30 35 45
    W (F8) 4 5 6 8 10 14
    T(+0.20) 16.5 20 22 33 38.5 49

    DC 24V Magnetic Powder Clutch Installation
    Hollow shaft magnetic clutch installation
    Magnetic Powder Cluch Application
    Magnetic powder brake appication

    Tips: How to choose Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes?
    1. Consider whether the torque can meet the requirements of tension control system.
    2. The heat generated during operation should not exceed the allowable continuous slip power of the model used.
    3. Select the type according to the comprehensive mechanical support, determine how much torque is required to meet the load requirements, as well as whether the installation mode and space meet the requirements.
    4. You can also contact us, we will recommend the most suitable model for you.

    This video will show you water-cooled magnetic powder clutch seal ring replacement.

    Existing reviews of Magnetic Powder Clutch, Hollow Shaft, 6Nm-200Nm
    Hollow shaft design is truly practical
    The hollow shaft design of the magnetic particle clutch offers greater flexibility in operation. a range of 6Nm-200Nm covers a wide variety of application scenarios and impresses with its excellent performance. Easy to install and simple to operate, they become a competent assistant in process control.
    From: Bakari | Date: 23/11/2023
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    Drag torque of magnetic powder clutch
    Assuming your 6Nm clutch is engaged when unpowered, what is the drag torque when the clutch is powered? In one state, the clutch should allow the drive shaft to rotate freely.
    From: Ilana | Date: 25/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, the clutch can allow the drive shaft to rotate freely when un-powered, because the clutch is powered by the motor. And the drag torque will be approx 4-5Nm when the clutch is powered.
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