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    Magnetic Particle Brake, Hollow Shaft, 6Nm-200Nm

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    Hollow shaft magnetic particle brake, rated torque can choose 6Nm, 12Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm and 400Nm, 24V DC, maximum rated speed 1500rpm, with tension control and torque limit, manufacturer direct sale.
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    DC 24V Magnetic powder brake rated torque 3Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm, 400Nm are optional, hollow shaft, overload protection, speed adjustment, can be used in textile industry, printing and dyeing.

    Magnetic Particle Brake Features
    1. The excitation current is linear with the torque. The transmitted torque is substantially linear with the excitation current. As long as the magnitude of the stimulation current is changed, the magnitude of the torque can be controlled over a wide range. In general, the stimulus current is substantially proportional to the transmitted torque in the range of 5%-100% of the rated torque.
    2. Stable slip torque. When the stimulation current remains unchanged, the transmitted torque is not affected by the difference in rotational speed between the active and the driven, that is, there is no difference between the static friction torque and the dynamic friction torque, so that the torque can be stably achieved. This feature is applied to the tension control, and the user can accurately control the torque by adjusting the stimulation current, thereby effectively controlling the tension of the roll.
    3. Prevent heat generation due to slip. Generally, the friction part is inevitably heated or even burned when continuously sliding. However, the ATO magnetic powder brake has a complete heat sink, which will not be too hot for a long time and has a long service life.

    Hollow Shaft Magnetic Particle Brake Specification:

    Model ATO-PBO-006 ATO-PBO-015 ATO-PBO-025 ATO-PBO-050 ATO-PBO-100 ATO-PBO-200 ATO-PBO-400
    Rated Torque 6Nm 15Nm 25Nm 50Nm 100Nm 200Nm 400Nm
    Rated Current 0.5A 0.6A 0.8A 1.0A 1.2A 1.8A 2.5A
    Rated Voltage 7.2W 9.4W 17.5W 22.6W 28.8W 45.6W 70W
    Rated Power DC24V
    No. of Hour Set 0.10S 0.10S 0.12S 0.13S 0.25S 0.37S 0.4S
    Moment of Inertia 1.55*10-3 Kgcm2 5.55*10-3 Kgcm2 9.4*10-3 Kgcm2 2.3*10-3 Kgcm2 6.6*10-3 Kgcm2 2.0*10-3 Kgcm2 /
    Maximum Speed 1500 r/min 1000 r/min
    Weight of Powder 14g 25g 39g 60g 117g 255g 370g

    6Nm-200Nm Magnetic Particle Brake Dimension (unit: mm)

    Magnetic particle brake dimension


    Model ATO-PBO-006 ATO-PBO-015 ATO-PBO-025 ATO-PBO-050 ATO-PBO-100 ATO-PBO-200 ATO-PBO-400
    L1 60 70 78 96 110 135 156
    L2 3 3 4 5 5 3 5
    L3 4 4 7 4 13 14 21
    D1 126 150 182 220 258 298 370
    D2 62 82 110 130 140 180 200
    D3(g7) 52 65 90 110 120 150 160
    d (H7) 16 20 25 30 35 45 50
    w (F7) 5 6 8 8 10 14 14
    n-R*depth 6-M4*8L 6-M4*9L 6-M6*9L 6-M8*10L 6-M10*12L 6-M10*12L 6-M12*19L

    Magnetic Particle Brake Installation

    Hollow  shaft magnatic powder brake installationMagnetic Powder Brake Application
    Magnetic powder brake appication

    Tips: How Does Magnetic Particle Brake Work?
    1. Magnetic powder brake is to use magnetic powder used as dielectric, under the condition of electric magnetic chains to form a new type of drive torque components, mainly by the inner rotor and outer rotor, excitation coil and magnetic powder.
    2. When the coil is not energized, the active rotor rotates. Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the magnetic powder is thrown on the inner wall of the active rotor. There is no contact between the magnetic powder and the driven rotor, and the active rotor turns idle.
    3. The dc power supply is connected to generate electromagnetic field, and the magnetic powder of the working medium forms a magnetic powder chain under the action of magnetic force line, connecting the inner rotor and outer rotor, so as to achieve the purpose of transferring and braking torque.

    This video will show you water-cooled magnetic powder clutch seal ring replacement.

    Existing reviews of Magnetic Particle Brake, Hollow Shaft, 6Nm-200Nm
    Five Stars
    Easy to install and the magnetic particle brake work great.
    From: Leo | Date: 24/10/2023
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    Some questions of magnetic particle brake
    Thanks for the quick reply. I am interested in Magnetic Particle Brake, Single Shaft, the 100Nm and 200Nm versions.
    I've listed some questions here:
    1. We are planning on using this for a dynamometer which requires some continuous use. About how long are your particle brakes suited for continuous use at an applied torque? The heat sink is mentioned but any additional context regarding time and brake temperature/operation would be appreciated.
    2. What does the control architecture look like for the brake? Could I see the current applied vs braking torque graph or any accompanying documentation? Is there a recommended way to apply the current?
    3. What are the differences between your brakes and clutches?
    Any additional documentation would be greatly appreciated. On another note, could I have the contact of a marketing representative as well? We are a university formula racing team and could provide some PR and tax opportunities to your company for its use in our project if we proceed.
    From: wisdom | Date: 10/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, our magnetic powder brake can be used in dynamometer and can be used continuously. But if it is used continuously, its service life will be affected. What is the maximum rpm of your dynamometer system?
    2. Electromagnetic brakes are generally used for unwinding coils, and magnetic powder brakes are generally used for receiving coils. This is the main difference.
    3. Please check the installation manual description of the magnetic powder brake and the relationship diagram between current and braking torque in the attachment.
    I am looking for a clutch suitable for my use
    I am looking for a 12 V or 24 V clutch for a 5hp-10 Hp application. Can you advise any options you have available?
    From: Pranav | Date: 10/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we have, but there are some more parameters you have to specify for required 12 V or 24 V clutch, like the torque, shaft size, so can recommend the most suited model.
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