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    Manual Tension Controller for Magnetic Powder Clutch/Brake

    Compact manual tension controller with an output voltage of 24V DC, providing current for excitation powder clutch/brake, hysteresis clutch/brake, etc. Manual tension controller is suitable for slitting machines, printing machines, and other equipment requiring channel tension control or cable processing.
    SKU: ATO-TC-001
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    Low price manual tension controller for magnetic powder clutch and brake, output voltage DC 24V/0-4.0A, small size, easy installation, maximum output current up to 4.00A, 0.01A step adjustable without fan cooling, suitable for the multi-channel single-channel small current case.


    • Model: ATO-TC-001
    • Output Voltage: DC 24V/0-4.0A 


    • Power supply DC 26-28V/5A
    • Small size and thin
    • ATO-TC-001manual tension controller maximum output current up to 4.00A, adjustable in steps of 0.01A
    • Fanless heat dissipation
    • 5 seconds no operation can record output current value
    • Manual tension controller with disabling output/allow output function
    • Manual tension controller with short circuit protection

    Electrical connections

    Manual tension controller electrical connections
    Installation Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Manual tension controller installation dimensions.
    Tips: The role of tension controller

    In the industrial control industry, in some strip and wire products, it is often necessary to control the tension to achieve the production requirements, the tension controller is a kind of instrument to control this kind of tension, it can directly set the required control of the tension value, and then directly input the tension sensor signal (generally millivolt level) as the tension feedback value, by comparing the deviation, input to the PID and other controllers for processing, output to the After comparing the deviation, it is input to the controller such as PID for processing and output to the peripheral actuator to control, finally achieving the purpose of minimum deviation and fastest system response. Tension controller also has the so-called manual control function, generally refers to the human can be given a certain amount of output to the actuator through the tension controller (often for the electric flow of the motor); some tension controllers also have a volume diameter projection function, generally used in the winding equipment, there is a release and winding; in addition, there is a taper adjustment function, you can directly set some of the process requirements on the winding taper inside the controller.

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