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    Digital Manual Tension Controller For Magnetic Particle Clutch/Brake

    Low price digital display tension controller with highly adaptable switching power supply, beautiful, intuitive display, external signal control 0~10VDC, input power AC85V~264V, frequency 50/60Hz, is ideal for magnetic powder clutch/brake.
    SKU: ATO-TC-002
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    Buy online tension controller for magnetic powder clutch/brake, output voltage 24V DC, input power supply AC85V~264V, with pulse width modulation switching type adjustment system, stable performance, support floor, wall, inlay installation, ideal for paper, printing, textile industry.


    • Model: ATO-STC-002
    • Input Power Supply: AC85V-264V 50/60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 0-4.00AMAX DC24V
    • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
    • Working Humidity: 35~85%RH (no condensation)
    • Working Environment: non-corrosive, non-flammable gas, non-conductive dust, less dust
    • Vibration Resistance: 10~50Hz 0.55mm (maximum 4.9m/s)
    • Grounding: Class D grounding (no common grounding with strong electric wires)
    • Weight: About 1kg


    1. ATO-TC-002 manual tension controller adopts a highly adaptable switching power supply, which is beautiful and elegant, and the display is intuitive and clear.
    2. PWM switching regulation system, stable performance, and high cost performance
    3. Overload and short circuit protection, and external signal control 0~l0VDC
    4. Input power: AC85V~264V 50/60Hz
    5. Outputs: 0~4.00AMAX DC24V
    6. Manual tension controller Applicable models: Magnetic powder clutch/brake
    7. Suitable for a variety of installation methods: floor-standing, wall-mounted, mosaic

    Installation Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Digital tension controller installation dimension

    Digital tension controller application
    Tips: How does manual tension control work?

    A manual tension controller is used to manually adjust the excitation current of the clutch and brake periodically as the reel diameter changes during the "winding and unwinding" process to achieve tension control. The manual tension controller can be programmed to control the clutch/brake excitation current in programmable D/A and other machines, and input 0~10v to the manual tension controller for automatic control.

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