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    2 Pole Circuit Breakers

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    10A 2 pole 5kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P10
    10 amp 2-pole mini circuit breaker meet UL 1077 standard to provide the supplementary protection for the electrical equipment with 5kA short circuit breaking capacity, and selectable trip characteristics of B, C and D curves. Compact size, DIN rail mounting and safe in use.

    20A 2 pole 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P20
    Miniature circuit breaker with 20 amp, 2 pole, and 230/400V AC 10 kA, are commonly use for branch circuit protection in residential, commercial and industrial fields, with B, C and D curves availble. High quality and good performance.

    25A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P25
    25 amp 2-pole mini circuit breaker, with 6 kA short circuit breaking capacity at 240/415V AC, has B, C and D curves availble for your selection. Compliance with IEC standards, meet general purpose needs of protecting branch circuit, easy mounting in DIN rail, high reliability and safe in use.

    32A 2 pole 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P32
    32 amp 2 pole miniature circuit breaker is designed for short circuit and overload protection for the branch circuit and equipment with high performance in interrupt rating 10kA at 240/415V AC, and B, C and D curves are optional to meet the different needs of applications.

    3A 2 pole 5kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P03
    3 Amp 2 pole 5kA miniature circuit breaker is UL 1077 listed, and available for three trip characteristics to meet different protecting requirements. Compact structure, reliable performance, good interrupt capacity and safe in use.

    50A 2 pole 5kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P50
    Complying with UL 1077 standard, 2-pole miniature circuit breaker, with rated current 50 amp, interrupt rating 5kA at 277/480V AC, is suitable for supplementary protection against short ciruit and over load for commercial and industrial applications.

    63A 2 pole 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

    SKU: ATO-MCB-2P63
    Small-size circuit breaker features 63 amp current rating, 2 poles, 6 kA interrupt capacity and DIN rail mounting, and 3 different trip characteristics available. As IEC listed, MCB is suitable for protecting the electrical equipment from over load and short circuit.