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    DTU Data Transfer Unit, Modbus RS485

    Data transfer unit (DTU) is a remote data control product. Wireless acquisition function supports Modbus RTU protocol, communication interface is RS-485, transmission distance is 8km. DTU has switch value follow and control acquisition functions. It supports 2-channel isolation switch inputs and 2-channel relay outputs.

    DTU Data Transmission Unit, Modbus RS485/RS232

    Data transmission unit adopts ultra-narrowband modulation technology. Built-in power amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier (LNA), make the maximum transmit power reach 5W. Transmission distance can be up to 10km, communication interface is RS232/RS485, be adapted to Modbus protocol. Support high-speed continuous uninterrupted data transmission.

    DTU Data Transfer Unit, LoRa, Strong Diffraction

    Data transfer unit uses military-grade LoRa modulation technology, spread spectrum, and strong diffraction. Transmission distance can be up to 20km, transmission power can select 1W or 5W. The digital transceiver provides transparent RS232/RS485 interface, working frequency band is 433MHz. It can be connected with PLC, RTU, level gauge and other data terminals.

    Data Transfer Unit, Strong Diffraction/Penetrability

    Data transfer unit is data transceiver using advanced ultra-narrowband modulation technology. Built-in PA and LNA, transmission power is 500mW/2W/5W for selection, transmission distance can be up to 15km. It uses 230MHz frequency band, with excellent penetrability and diffraction capabilities, provides real-time, reliable, and low-cost data transmission functions.