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    DTU Data Transfer Unit, LoRa, Strong Diffraction

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    Data transfer unit uses military-grade LoRa modulation technology, spread spectrum, and strong diffraction. Transmission distance can be up to 20km, transmission power can select 1W or 5W. The digital transceiver provides transparent RS232/RS485 interface, working frequency band is 433MHz. It can be connected with PLC, RTU, level gauge and other data terminals.
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    • Military-grade LoRa modulation technology, greatly improves communication distance and stability.
    • Large single package, single package supports up to 197 bytes, and is compatible with Modbus.
    • All aluminum alloy shell, compact structure, easy installation, good heat dissipation, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability.
    • Supports power supply device or line pressure mode, and supports 10V~28V power supply. Uses temperature compensation circuit, frequency stability is better than ± 1.5PPM.
    • Built-in watchdog. Once an exception occurs, module will automatically restart and continue to work according to the original specification settings.
    • Power supply reverse protection, over-current protection, antenna surge protection, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability.

    Note: Before purchasing, please confirm that the frequency band used by the device complies with local laws and regulations.


    Model ATO-E90-DTU (433L30) ATO-E90-DTU (433L37) ATO-E90-DTU (170L30)
    Transmit Power 1W 5W 1W
    Transmit Distance 8km 20km 8km
    Default Frequency 433MHz 433MHz 170MHz
    Frequency Range 410~441MHz 410~441MHz 160~173.5M
    Channel Spacing 1MHz 1MHz 250kHz 
    Channels 32, half duplex 32, half duplex 55, half duplex 
    Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃ 
    Antenna Impedance 50Ω 
    Supply Voltage 10~28VDC 
    Transmit Current 367mA 1138mA 293mA
    Communication Interface RS323/RS485
    Band Rate Default 9600 
    Adress Default 0 
    Air Data Rate 0.3~19.2kbps 0.3~19.2kbps 0.3~9.6kbps
    Size (H*W*D) 82mm*62mm*25mm 124mm*105mm*25mm 82mm*62mm*25mm
    Certification CE, CCC 
    Buffer 512bytes 
    Sub-package Automatic subcontracting of 197 bytes to send

    Dimension Drawing (Unit: mm)

    ATO-E90-DTU (433L30) ATO-E90-DTU (170L30)
    Dimension drawing of data transfer unit model 433l30 170l30
    Installation dimension of data transfer unit model 433l30 170l30
    ATO-E90-DTU (433L37)

    Dimension drawing of data transfer unit model 433l37

    Installation dimension of data transfer unit model 433l37

    Tips: LoRa data transfer unit (DTU) Definition.

    LoRa Low Power Wireless WAN is the mainstream technology choice for building IoT networks around the world. LoRa DTU products are multi-functional data acquisition equipments developed for scenarios where communities, fire protection, warehousing, logistics and other business intelligence needs are developed. In general, LoRa data transfer unit has various communication interfaces such as RS485, RS232, and analog. At the same time, it can support power management of external equipment, can achieve the fast connection of data transmission equipment and sensors in a modular manner, and realize the Internet of Things applications in a standardized and large-scale manner.

    Existing reviews of DTU Data Transfer Unit, LoRa, Strong Diffraction
    Super easy to install!
    I bought this DTU for weeks. This data transfer unit is super great. Super easy installation, does exactly what it was intended to do. Super fast speeds from hard drive to expansion hard. Only time will tell how well it holds up.
    From: Pierre | Date: 24/03/2022
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