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    GPS Land Meter for Area Measurement

    SKU: ATO-LM-3701
    Buy a GPS land surveyor for area measurement online, it has various measurement modes such as automatic trajectory, distance measurement, point measurement and vehicle measurement. ATO GPS land meter has a 99-group data storage function and can be connected to USB to generate CAD drawings.

    GPS Land Meter for for Land Surveying

    SKU: ATO-LM-198
    GPS land meter with large 2.8" color display, 320x240 dot matrix, for clear reading. This handheld land measuring instrument displays survey values, graphical traces, and automatically calculates prices. ATO handheld GPS land meter is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to measure land accurately.

    GPS Land Meter with Distance Measurement, Figure Track

    SKU: ATO-LM-3703
    The GPS land survey meter is a tool for measuring the area of land. It has a graphical trace and automatic valuation function and automatically identifies slopes. The land surveying equipment is widely used for land subdivision, harvesting, hillside surveying, exploration, farmland and lake surveying.

    GPS Land Meter, Dual Satellite Positioning

    SKU: ATO-LM-3702
    Buy a high precision land surveying meter online, this device supports GPS and GLONASS navigation satellite systems and has an area measurement error of ┬▒0.5%. The handheld gps land meter is affordable and provides accurate measurements for a wide range of surveying applications, which makes it the perfect device for professionals who want to measure the land.

    GPS GNSS Land Meter for Land Surveying

    The land area meter uses a high sensitivity GNSS receiver chip, it supports GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and SBAS satellite systems. The GPS land area meter can measure the distance between any two points and is ideal for surveyors, landscape architects and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    Land meters are commonly used by surveyors, architects, and engineers to gather accurate information about a property. They can be used to determine the exact location of property lines, the area of a lot, and the distance between buildings. This information is important for creating maps, designing buildings, and planning construction projects. It accurately measures the distance between two points on the ground and is an indispensable tool for planning, construction, and land use projects. The land meter accurately measures the distance between two points on the ground and is an indispensable tool for planning, building, and land use projects. ATO land meter is easy to use, lightweight and portable, making it the perfect choice for professionals in the field.