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    GPS GNSS Land Meter for Land Surveying

    The land area meter uses a high sensitivity GNSS receiver chip, it supports GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and SBAS satellite systems. The GPS land area meter can measure the distance between any two points and is ideal for surveyors, landscape architects and DIY enthusiasts alike.
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    GPS land surveying equipment for sale, land meter with built-in high precision GNSS chip, supporting GRS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILEO/SBAS satellite systems. The 2000mAh large capacity lithium battery can record 99 measurement records, allowing you to view the measurement data anytime and anywhere. With its waterproof and dustproof construction and easy-to-use interface, the land meter is widely used in construction, engineering, environmental testing, and agriculture.


    Model ATO-LM-S4
    Built-in Chip High sensitivity GNSS receiver chip
    System Microcontroller system
    Satellite System Support GPS/BDS/GLONASS/GALILE0/SBASPositioning type: GPS+BDS/GPS+BDS+SBAS 
    Prompt Tone Voice Broadcast
    LCD Screen Display Type TFT color screen
    Resolution 320*240
    Barometer Sensor
    Photosensitive Sensor
    Area Record 199
    Distance Recording 199
    Waypoint Recording /
    Water and Dust Resistant IP65
    Drop Resistance 1.5m Hard surface drop resistance
    Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +65°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +75°C
    Power Supply Type Lithium battery, AA dry battery, vehicle power supply
    Li-ion Battery Capacity 2000mha
    Working Time 25 hours (normal brightness, normal area working mode)
    Input Voltage DC 3.8V-6V
    Input Current DC 0. 5A-2A
    Antenna Type High sensitivity flat panel antenna
    Positioning Time 1 Second for hot start, 30 seconds for cold start
    Update Rate 1HZ
    Positioning Accuracy 2.5m(when HDOP is below 1.0),1m(when connected to SBAS)
    Area Accuracy 0.03mu (1 ~ 3mu), 3% (more than 3mu) (when HDOP is below 1.0)
    Distance Accuracy 1m (100m range if HDOP is below 1.0)
    Accuracy 1m (barometer measurement, absolute elevation measurement needs to be calibrated), 10m (GPS measurement, HDOP below 1.0)
    Dimensions 117*61*20mm
    Weight 120g (without battery)
    Interface Type Micro USB 2.0, can be used for charging


    • The land area meter has 8 modes including normal mode, mountain mode, intelligent slope mode, long and wide mode, fixed width mode, fixed point mode, round trip on board and round trip on board.
    • Once the measurement is complete, the value is displayed, the graphical trajectory is displayed and the price is calculated automatically.
    • The land meter can save and record up to 100 historical data and graphical traces. You can look up, check and delete the history at any time.
    • The land surveying equipment allows you to set the unit price of the area, the unit price of the length, the conversion factors for acres and square meters and to set the automatic and manual measurement methods.
    • The GPS land meter can be connected to a PC to export and print data.
    • The land surveying machine has integrated auxiliary functions such as money detection, night vision lighting, and backlighting.


    land survey machine details


    A land meter, also known as land surveying equipment, they are used to measure distances, angles, and elevations, and is commonly used in construction, engineering, and mining industries to establish property boundaries, create topographical maps, and determine the position of underground utilities. Land meters are also used in scientific research and environmental monitoring to measure changes in the landscape and to study soil erosion, sedimentation, and other geologic processes. Additionally, they are used in agriculture to measure crop yields and monitor the health of crops.
    Land meter applications

    Tips: What are the applications of the land meter?

    A land meter, also known as land surveying equipment, is used in a variety of fields that require precise measurement and mapping of land. One common
    application of land meters is in the construction industry, where they are used to measure and map out the boundaries of a construction site and ensure
    that the building is constructed on the correct plot of land. Land meters are also used in civil engineering to design and construct roads, bridges, and
    other infrastructure projects.

    Another important application of land meters is in agriculture, where they are used to map out farmland and measure the topography of the land. This
    information is then used to plan irrigation systems, soil conservation measures, and other farming practices. Land meters are also used in the
    environmental sciences to map out wetlands, forests, and other natural areas.

    Finally, land meters are used in the mining industry to survey the land and map out mineral deposits. This information is critical for planning mining
    operations and ensuring that mining activities are carried out in a safe and sustainable manner. Overall, land meters play a critical role in a wide
    range of industries that rely on precise land measurements and mapping.

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