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    300W (330 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-300
    300 watt ups inverter at affordable price for sale online. 330 VA ups inverter with pure sine wave output. 12V, 24V, 48V DC input voltage can be chosen in ATO. Over voltage, over load and short circuit protection is available in ups inverter.

    500W (550 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-500
    Pure sine wave inverter with 500 watt power at a cheap price for sale. Inverter with uninterruptible power supply and 500W for home appliances is enough. ATO provides 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency in this ups inverter. Peak power can be reached 1000W.

    600W (650 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-600
    Good price ups inverter for home with 600W for sale online. Lead-acid battery and lithium battery can be selected in our website. 600 watt ups inverter with pure sine wave output. Intelligent fan for cooling allows pure sine wave ups inverter a long service life.

    1000W (1100 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-1000
    1000W pure sine wave ups inverter with a economical price. Switch-mode design in uninterruptible power supply inverter, easy to use. 12V, 24V, 48V DC input voltage can be selected. 90% pure sine wave output can guarantee 1000 watt ups inverter low distortion.

    1500W (1600 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-1500
    Cheap pure sine wave ups inverter for home with 1500 watt for sale online. Maximum upload current 0.2A, 0.3A, 0.4A, 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency can be selected in ATO. 1500W ups inverter with over voltage, over load and over temperature protection.

    2000W (2200 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-2000
    2000 watt uninterruptible power supply inverter with a good price for sale online. Peak power can reach 4000W. Optional 12V, 24V, 48V DC input voltage and 110V, 100V, 220V, 230V output voltage in ups inverter. 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency can be selected, with a low voltage protection.

    2500W (2700 VA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-2500
    Lower price ups inverter for home with 2500W power. 2.7 kVA ups inverter built-in 3-stages battery charger, allow to run loads while charging. 90% pure sine wave output with inverter, waveform and main power line AC waveform are basically the same.

    3000W (3 kVA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-3000
    Economical price uninterruptible power supply inverter for sale online. Inverter with pure sine wave output, 12V, 24V, 48V DC input voltage can be chosen in our website. Peak power can reach 6000 watt, input reverse polarity protection is provided. 3000W ups inverter can be used in pc, digital camera and household.

    3500W (3.5 kVA) UPS Inverter For Home

    SKU: ATO-UPSIV-3500
    Lower cost 3500 watt ups inverter for sale, with pure sine wave output. ATO porvides 12V, 24V and 48V DC input voltage and 50Hz, 60Hz output frequency to choose. Switch-mode design in 3.5 kVA pure sine wave ups inverter, it is easy to use. Phone, pc and digital camera can be powered by ups inverter.

    The ups inverter (uninterruptible power supply inverter) is a device that provides backup power to electronic equipment. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. Pure sine wave ups inverter can be used in PC, TV, refrigerator, digtial products and home appliances. Especially ups inverter for home, bringing us a lot of convenience.

    ATO shop offers cost-effective ups power inverter with various powers. 300W, 500W, 600W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 3500W home ups inverter for sale online. 12V, 24V, 48V DC input voltage and 50Hz, 60Hz output frequency can be chosen in our website. The ups inverter battery can be selected from lead-acid battery and lithium battery.

    Functions of UPS Inverter:

    • Automatic voltage stabilizing function. When the battery voltage fluctuates between undervoltage and overvoltage, and the load changes within the rated power range, the device can automatically output voltage.
    • Overload protection function. If the AC output power exceeds the rated power, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, the front panel LCD will display "Overload", and the buzzer will sound for 10 seconds. The "Inverter switch is off" on the front panel, and the "Overload" display disappears. If you need to restart, you must check that the load is within the allowable range, and then turn on the "inverter switch" to restore the inverter's output.
    • Overheating protection function. If the temperature of the control part inside the chassis is too high, the ups inverter automatically cuts off the output of the inverter. The LCD on the front panel displays "Overheating", and the buzzer sounds an alarm for 10 seconds. After the temperature returns to normal, the output of the inverter returns to normal.
    • Battery reverse protection function. If the polarity of the ups inverter battery is reversed, the chassis of the fuse will fuse automatically, so as not to damage the battery and equipment. But reverse batteries are still forbidden!

    3 Ways to Control UPS Inverter:

    The inverter is the core of uninterrupted power source. It converts the direct current into the alternating current required by users. For ups, the quality of inverter output voltage determines its overall performance. There are 3 ways to control ups inverter.

    1. Predictive control. Predictive control can achieve small current distortion and strong anti-noise ability in the ups inverter. However, this algorithm requires accurate load model and circuit parameters, and the delay caused by numerical calculation is also a problem in practical applications.
    2. Hysteresis control. Hysteresis control has fast response speed and high stability, but the switching frequency of hysteresis control is not fixed, so that the reliability of the circuit is reduced, the frequency spectrum of the output voltage is worse, and the system performance of the ups inverter is not good.
    3. Dead-beat control. Dead-beat control was first proposed by Kalman. It is a control method based on the precise mathematical model of the controlled object. The basic idea of beat free control is to calculate the PWM pulse width of the next switching period according to the state equation of the sine wave ups inverter and the output feedback signal (usually the voltage and current of the output filter capacitor). The PWM pulse width is calculated from the state vector at the current time and the reference sine at the next sampling time.

    What Kind of Battery Does UPS Inverter Use?

    • Lead-acid battery. At present, the most commonly used lead-acid battery is valve controlled lead-acid maintenance-free battery. The electrolyte is mainly composed of lead and sulfuric acid. It is characterized by no need to add water and acid when used, good sealing, relatively small volume, and high cost performance as a ups battery. In addition to maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, there are open liquid lead-acid batteries, which need to regularly measure the specific gravity, add water and acid. If these batteries are used, anti-corrosion bricks need to be laid in the installation environment.
    • Lithium battery. It is the first choice for environmental protection. Lithium batteries are free of heavy metals such as lead, nickel and chromium. Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the characteristics of light weight, high energy storage and low self-discharge.

    Things to Consider When Buying UPS Inverter:

    UPS inverters can seem complex and unbearable, especially if you are not an electrician. However, with some general guidelines, it is easy to understand the most important differences between inverters and why one ups inverter may better meet your needs than another.

    2500W ups inverter

    • Use. First of all, does the ups inverter need to be portable? For example, for use in a RV or boat? Or, if you use a ups inverter in combination with a solar array, finding ups inverter that can combine solar energy with grid power can save a lot of energy and time. In addition,considering what and how many appliances and devices you plan to power off an inverter will play a large role in determining the wattage and surge power capabilities that you need.
    • Wattage. The wattage provided by your ups inverter is one of its most important specifications, because this number determines how much power you can supply and how many devices you can supply in a single time. Before choosing a ups inverter for home, take a look at the power requirements of the device you plan to use most often compared with the inverter, the ups inverter needs to output at least the power required by each device, and at least the sum of the power required by the device you intend to power at the same time.
    • Continuous power and surge power. Inverter power ratings are usually measured in watts and include the power they output continuously over a period of minutes to hours (called continuous power) and the additional power they output over a period of seconds (called surge power). Continuous power determines how many devices you can power at once. Surge power is a very important consideration if you are using motor driven equipment. Motor-driven equipment usually requires more power to start than to run after starting.