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    350 W CNC ATC Spindle, 40000 rpm

    40000 rpm 350 watt ATC air cooled spindle for sale, 3 phase 220V AC at 1000Hz frequency, torque 0.12 Nm. Auto tool change spindle motor with Φ4 collet, low noise and high precision, improves the efficiency of automated processing, designed for CNC Router machines.

    1.5 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 60000 rpm

    Buy a 3 phase 1500W water-cooled automatic tool changer spindle motor from reliable ATC spindle manufacturers, works at 220V AC, 0.28 Nm torque, Φ3- Φ6 collet, high speed 60000rpm, and frequency up to 1000Hz, high precision & long life, enhances several times efficiency, perfect for CNC router machines.

    1.8 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 60000 rpm

    Get a 1.8kW ATC spindle motor at low price, three phase 220V AC rated voltage, 60000rpm speed, torque 0.28 Nm, 1000Hz, spindle tool changer with Φ3- Φ6 collet, low noise, high precision and long life, improves work efficiency, supplies for CNC router machines.

    4 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 40000 rpm

    Water cooled ISO20 ATC spindle motor with 4000W high power, 40000 rpm high speed, works at 3 phase 220V AC, frequency up to 1333Hz and torque 1.19 Nm, spindle tool changer equipped with VFD, high precision and efficiency, used for milling, engraving, and CNC router machines.

    5.5 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 36000 rpm

    Low cost 3 phase 380V AC 5.5kW CNC spindle motor with tool changer, frequency 1200Hz, water cooling, 36000 rpm speed, 3.98 Nm rated torque and ISO25 tool holder, low noise ATC spindle improves the efficiency of automated processing, designed for high precision CNC Router milling, engraving, and drilling.

    7.5 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 24000 rpm

    cheap 7500 watt BT30 ATC spindle, works at three phase 380V AC 800Hz, 24000rpm speed, water cooling method, low noise and high precision automatic tool changer spindle motor, work efficiency can be improved, widely used in CNC router drilling and milling equipment.

    9 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 24000 rpm

    High power ISO30 9000 watt CNC ATC spindle motor for sale online, air cooling method, 24000 rpm speed, three phase 380 V AC at 800 Hz, high precision automatic tool change spindle matched with VFD, works for milling, engraving, and CNC router machine efficiently.

    12 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 24000 rpm

    Popular 12000 watt air cooled ATC spindle is a CNC router spindle motor, high speed 24000 rpm, frequency 800Hz, 3 phase 220V or 380V AC voltage is optional, automatic tool changer with ISO30 shank for sale, supplies for milling, engraving, and drilling.

    ATC spindle, known as an automatic tool changer spindle, can change tools according to different processing needs to realize the full automatic completion of the complex multi-process. ATC spindle motor is an electric spindle motor with a short tool change time, high tool positioning accuracy, safety and reliability.
    ATO provides cheap three-phase 0.35kW, ISO30 9kW and 12kW ATC air cooled spindle motors. Low noise 3 phase 1.5kW, 1.8kW, 4kW, 5.5kW with ISO25 and 7.5kW BT30 ATC water-cooled spindle motors are available. CNC spindle motors are suitable for CNC router machines, wood carving/engraving machines, high speed and high precision milling, drilling and tapping of metallic and non-metallic materials.

    ATC Spindle Working Principle


    The rear end of the main shaft is a cylindrical structure. The inside of the cylinder uses the air pressure to push the thimble to hit the middle tie rod so that the collet sticks out and the tool falls off. Then the equipment can use the pillow block to automatically grab the tool, and the back end of the spindle uses a solenoid valve to release the air pressure, cut off the air, and clamp the tool. This process is called automatic tool change.

    CNC ATC spindle functionsATC spindle

    • Speed regulation: The electric spindle must have a certain speed regulation range to achieve step-less speed change, so as to ensure a reasonable cutting amount when processing raw materials, and to obtain good cutting efficiency, machining accuracy and surface quality.
    • Automatic tool clamping: The outstanding feature of  ATC spindle machining is the automatic tool change function. In order to ensure the continuous execution of the machining process, compared with other spindle systems, the machining center spindle system must have the function of automatically clamping the tool.
    • Spindle positioning: The precise stop function of the electric spindle is also called the spindle positioning function. When the spindle stops, it controls the spindle to stop at a fixed position, which is a necessary function for automatic tool change.

    2 Cooling Methods Of ATC Spindle Motor


    It is necessary to cool and dissipate the automatic tool change electric spindle, especially when it enters hot weather. If you find that the electro-spindle is overheated during the application process, you must take heat dissipation measures. Don't let the electro-spindle run under overheating, which will affect the service life.

    Water-cooled: It refers to the design of cooling water circulation inside the automatic tool change electric spindle. Equipped with a corresponding cooler outside, so that the cooling liquid circulates inside the main shaft to take away the internal heat. The advantages of this cooling method are simple and reliable, and the cooling effect is more obvious.

    Air-cooled: It refers to the design of a forced convection channel between the housing of the ATC spindle and the stator of the motor. The heat of the motor enters the forced convection area through heat conduction, and finally brings the heat into the air to realize the constant temperature operation of the electric spindle. Air cooling is non-polluting. If a static pressure gas bearing is used, the gas of the static pressure gas bearing can be used to circulate inside the spindle to take away part of the heat of the motor.

    ATC Spindle

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