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    12 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 24000 rpm

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    Popular 12000 watt air cooled ATC spindle is a CNC router spindle motor, high speed 24000 rpm, frequency 800Hz, 3 phase 220V or 380V AC voltage is optional, automatic tool changer with ISO30 shank for sale, supplies for milling, engraving, and drilling.
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    24000 rpm high speed ISO30 ATC spindle motor with 12 kW power, 3 phase, 220V or 380V AC at 800Hz, air cooled of cooling method, equipped with VFD, is specially designed for CNC router machine.


    • Reasonable structure design, simple and compact configuration, easy to take apart.
    • High precision, inflexibility and efficiency, long operation life.
    • With high grade size, shape, position precision, and quality of the surface.
    • Enough abrasive resistance, vibration resistance, stable size.
    • Work stable, low noise, enough fatigue strength.


    Model ATO-JGLF-12K
    Power 12000 W
    Speed 12000 - 24000 rpm
    Voltage 380V AC / 220V AC
    Current 22.8A / 39.5A
    Frequency 400 - 800 Hz
    Tool interface ISO30
    Numbers of Poles 4
    Automation Grade Automatic
    Type of Cooling Air cooling
    Weight 31 KG

    Note: The spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor. Otherwise, it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    12000W ATC Spindle Dimension


    12KW CNC ATC Spindle Details

    Tips For Choosing a Spindle Motor

    With the increasing demand for high-speed motors in various industries, the application range of high-speed motors has become more and more extensive, so what should we pay attention to when purchasing spindle motors?

    Motor: model specifications, functional characteristics, protection type, rated voltage, rated current, rated power, power frequency, insulation class.

    Environmental conditions: normal temperature, high temperature, high cold, corrosion, vibration, wind and sand, altitude, electromagnetic pollution, etc.

    Purpose: Spindle motor is mainly used for cutting, edging, polishing and polishing of steel, castings, aluminum products, wood, marble, glass and other materials.

    Control system: control modes include manual, automatic, remote control, stand-alone operation, and centralized control of the production line.

    Existing reviews of 12 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 24000 rpm
    Some questions about 12 kW CNC ATC spindle
    Can you send me the drawings of this 12kW spindle motor so I can understand the mounting system for it, similar to the drawing you have for the 7.5kW one here? I see the 12kW has a cooling fan and an air supply inlet and output, does it need a compressed air supply of air to cool it or is the built in fan sufficient? Is there an operation manual you can send me?
    From: nancy | Date: 06/09/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, please refer to the attached drawings and operation manual. The automatic tool change spindle must be cooled with compressed air.
    Awesome CNC ATC spindle
    I haven't made any cuts yet but confirmed it works as expected. Very quiet and powerful. So far it is a good value air-cooled ATC spindle.
    From: Brian | Date: 22/04/2022
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