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    AC Servo Drive for 200W-400W Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-AS15400
    Rated voltage of provided AC servo drive is 220V AC single/three phase, rated current is 15A, which designed for 200W/400W servo motor and the motor number is ATO-SERVO-60S200/ATO-SERVO-60S400.

    AC Servo Drive for 400W-1000W Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-AS151000
    Cheap and best AC servo motor drive with 15A rated current, three phase 220V AC, provides position control, speed control of control mode, is suitable for 400W to 1000W power rating servo motor.

    AC Servo Drive for 1kW-2.6kW Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-AS302600
    This provided servo motor drive is 1000W to 2.6kW output power, single-axis control, 30A current rating, three phase 220V AC voltage, 2500 lines incremental encoder or 17/23 bit absolute encoder of feedback, is commonly paired with 1kW to 2.6kW ATO servo motor.

    AC Servo Drive for 2kW-5.5kW Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-AS755500
    AC Servo Drive for 2kW-5.5kW Servo Motor is three phase 220V AC voltage, available in 50A, 75A current rating, is used for dynamic motion applications where precise positioning, speed control, or torque efficiency is key.

    AC Servo Drive for ATO Servo Motor

    SKU: ATO-MG1000
    AC servo motor drive, 220V single phase or three phase input, 380V three phase input, is a great fit for applications requiring position, speed, and torque control methods. All the power rating range from 50w to 8.6kw of our ATO brushless AC servo motors will work perfectly with this type of servo drive.

    A servo drive, known as an amplifier. It is part of a servo control system. ATO AC servo drives can receive command signals for the position, speed or torque requirements, applied to the voltage and/or current of a servo motor. ATO provides 5 types of AC servo drives for servo motors. Low price 220V and 380V AC single-phase/three-phase AC servo drives are available online. They are the perfect 50W~7.5kW brushless AC servo motor controllers.

    1 Phase vs. 3 Phase 220V Servo Drive


    The difference between 1 phase and 3 phase 220 of servo motor driver is different power supply, working power and speed regulation.

    Different power supply methods

    • Three-phase 220V servo drive at the same time access to 220V three-phase AC current (120 degrees difference) power supply.
    • Single-phase 220V servo motor drive is powered by 220V AC single-phase power supply.

    Different working power

    • The operating performance of 3 phase 220V servo drive is better than single-phase 220V, and the working power is larger.
    • Single-phase 220V servo drive has poorer operating performance than three-phase 220V and smaller working power.

    Different speed regulation

    • Three-phase 220 servo motor drive due to the three internal groups of rotor and stator rotating magnetic field direction is the same, the speed is different. There is a slip rate, speed regulation is difficult.
    • 1 phase 220V servo drive is a group of rotor and stator rotating magnetic field in the same direction at the same speed, with no slippage, and simple speed regulation.

    What can servo drive do for servo motors?


    AC Servo drive is a controller used to control servo motors. ATO servo drives have the following functions:

    • It is a servo drive with regeneration and dynamic braking.
    • Servo driver has a fast stop instantaneous power-down protection function.
    • The servo drive can switch any control mode online.
    • Its parameter management, monitoring, oscilloscope function can support software debugging.
    • Servo drive control power AC input, settable wide voltage input.
    • It has absolute value system voltage monitoring and a low voltage warning function.

    How to unlock the timing lock of a servo drive?


    Servo lock is essentially a braking mode. When the servo motor driver selects the speed control mode, closed-loop position control cannot be performed. Using the servo lock function, when the servo motor driver selects the speed control mode, a temporary position closed loop can be established on the servo motor driver through the Dl signal, and the servo motor can be kept in a fixed position through the closed-loop position. Watch the following video for a more detailed servo drive unlocking device.

    Servo drives are an important part of motor motion control and are widely used in industrial robots and CNC machining centers and other automation equipment. Especially the servo drive applied to control AC permanent magnet synchronous motor has become a research hotspot.