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    Portable Hydraulic Sheet Metal Hole Punch 35 Ton

    Portable hydraulic metal hole punch for sale, can punch round hole diameter 3/8"(10.5mm), 1/2"(13.8mm), 5/8"(17mm), 3/4"(20.5mm), punching capacity 35 ton, max. thickness of sheet iron up to 10mm and copper/ aluminum busbar up to 12mm, fast punching speed, safe and easy operation.

    Handheld Electric Hydraulic Metal Hole Punch

    Hand hold electric hydraulic metal hole punch is suitable for steel / iron / copper / aluminum plate, with small and light design. Maximum punching hole diameter available with 20.5mm, 22.5mm, 25.5mm, 30.5mm, and the corresponding material thickness up to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Driven by powerful 1100W/ 1.6kW/ 1.8kW electric motor, the hydraulic punch has high efficiency and stable output to make a clean & accurate hole. The battery-powered model can be applied to any occasions without limit of the electricity.

    Hydraulic Knockout Hole Punch Kit 6 Ton/8 Ton/15 Ton

    Compact, light and durable manual hydraulic hole punch is available with output force 6 Ton, 8 Ton or 15 Ton, designed to punch round holes on the stainless steel/ iron plate of different thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or below (based on models). Powered by hydraulic hand pump, the punching tool is not restricted by the environment of no electricity and make a hole fast and smooth. The hydraulic knockout punch kit covers pump, dies, hole punch, draw studs and plastic case.

    Hydraulic Hole Punch Machine 10 ton

    SKU: ATO-HPUN-10
    Hydraulic hole punch machine for sale, made of iron sheet and copper busbar material, optional maximum punching thickness 6mm or 4mm. Portable hydraulic hole punching machine 5 ton/10 ton output force for selection, and standard dies 3/8 inch. Throat depth 40mm/35mm. Fast speed punching with accurate position without deviation. Hydraulic punching could avoid cutting scraps while punching hole. It is much safer and clearer while operation.

    Hydraulic Metal Hole Punch 30 ton

    SKU: ATO-HPUN-30
    Hydraulic Metal Hole Punch for sale, output force 30 ton and throat depth 80mm. Hydraulic punching machine with standard dies configuration 3/4, 1/2, 3/8, 5/8 inch, iron plate ≤80mm, angle steel 3-5# and U-steel 5-8#. Equipped with 3/8 joints and dust caps, it can be connected to various pressure hydraulic pumps.

    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool 50 ton

    SKU: ATO-HPUN-50
    Hydraulic hole punch tool, output force 50 ton with standard dies configuration 16, 18, 22, 25mm, high accuracy and heavy duty. Hydraulic hole punch iron plate ≤16mm, copper/aluminum busbar ≤20mm, U-steel 8-15# and angle steel 6-12#. Throat depth 120mm. The punching die adopts Cr12MoV (chromium 12 molybdenum vanadium), which is suitable for low carbon steel, soft iron board, copper row, punching of metal such as aluminum row.

    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool 100 ton

    SKU: ATO-HPUN-100
    Hydraulic hole punch tool with output force100 ton for sale, standard dies configuration 22, 25, 28, 32mm. Punching holes capacity iron sheet ≤20mm, U-steel 10-15# and angle steel 8-15#. Hydraulic hole punch throat depth 135mm, heavy-duty and adopts dual oil circuit design. Hydraulic puncher needs to be used with a hydraulic pump.

    Electric Hydraulic Hole Punch 10 Ton, 220V, 4A

    Electric hydraulic hole punch for affordable price. Voltage 110V (can be customizable) and 220V. Output 10 ton, motor power 900W and rated current 4A. Hydraulic metal hole punch with standard punching dies 6.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, 17mm, 20.5mm, and angle steel 4-6#. Iron/Steel Plate ≤6mm and copper or aluminum busbar ≤8mm. Throat Depth reach to 40mm and punching speed 2-3s.

    Hydraulic punch is a kind of hole making tool driven by hydraulic hand pump or electric hydraulic pump. With small size, light weight and easy operation, ATO hydraulic hole punches are suitable for punching round hole on the steel plate, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, etc. Here offer many types of hydraulic punches to suit different applications such as electricity industry, construction, and so on.