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    30kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

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    Industrial air fan heater with 30kW high power capacity, diesel or kerosene as power source, stainless steel combustion chamber, free standing & portable type, IPX4 waterproof class, 2.8L/h fuel consumption, heating area to 600m3.
    SKU: ATO-FH-030
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    30kW portable industrial diesel fan heater works at single phase 110 volt / 60Hz or 220 volt / 50Hz AC power supply, with strong and long lasting construction, cut-off protection, if no fuel, heater will cut off the power. It is suitable for heating warehouse, factories, and workshops.

    Parameter List

    Model ATO-ZBK100
    Power Supply Single phase AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz (Other voltages can be customized)
    Power 30kW
    Fuel Diesel, Kerosene  (Note that our heater using diesel and electricity for power at the same time)
    Fuel Tank 38L
    Fuel Consumption 2.8L/h
    Heating Area 600m3
    Ignition Type Continuous spark ignition
    Thermostat Control Yes
    Waterproof Class IPX4
    Work Temperature 5℃-45℃
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months
    Product Size 830*445*460mm
    Net Weight 24kg

    Fan Heater Details

    30kw diesel fan heater details

    Spare Parts

    Fan heater spare parts

    Input Power Cable Selection

    Fan heater plug selection

    7 Tips for Using a Diesel Fan Heater

    1. Use only diesel or kerosene specified by the industrial heater.
    2. All the flame indicators are off, and the fuel can be added only after the fuel heater is cooled down.
    3. When refueling, check whether there are leaks at the connection between the oil pipe and the oil pipe. Before the fan heater runs, any leaks must be repaired.
    4. All fuel should be stored at least 1 meter away from heaters, flamethrowers, welding equipment and similar ignition sources.
    5. Fuel storage should be limited to areas that do not allow fuel to penetrate or are not ignited in low-lying areas.
    6. Do not use diesel heaters where gasoline, paint thinners, or other highly flammable gases are present. When using the heater, use it in accordance with the instructions.
    7. When using fan heaters near oilcloths, canvas, and similar materials, the heaters should be placed at a safe distance from these materials. The recommended minimum safety distance is 500cm.
    Existing reviews of 30kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater
    Safe machine with powerful enough performance
    We needed a powerful heating solution for our 500㎡ warehouse, and this heater delivers exceptionally well. Its 30kW capacity heats up our space quickly and effectively. The most reassuring quality of it is the cut-off protection, preventing the whole workplace from going up in smoke. In a word, it's a useful and safe auxiliary tool for workshop.
    From: Elena | Date: 17/06/2024
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