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    Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, 340/325-1000nm

    SKU: ATO-VIS-721G
    Low price VIS spectrophotometer is designed for general quantitative analysis in visible region, with wavelength range 340-1000nm or 325-1000nm, high accuracy, good stability, easy operation and compact structure.

    UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, 190-1100nm

    With single beam photometry mode, Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer (ATO-N4S/N4) offers wavelength range from 190 to 1100nm, and single beam VIS Spectrophotometer (ATO-N2S/N2) has 325-1100nm wavelength range. The spectrophotometer is equipped with 7-inch color touch screen and USB port, automatic wavelength setting and precision automatic T/A changeover, optional internal printer and software.

    UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Split Beam, 190-1100nm

    UV and Visible spectrophotometers adopt split beam optical system, with wavelength ranging from 190nm to 1100nm, multi-functions to guarantee test accuracy, favorable price and high performance, ideal choice for qualitative and quantitative testing.

    Spectrophotometers are instruments that do the qualitative or quantitative analysis of the material by spectrophotometry, which are widely used in the laboratories, research institutes, medical treatment, agriculture, food plants, drinking water plants etc. ATO provides visible spectrophotometers with wavelength range of 340-1000nm or 325-1000nm, and UV-VIS spectrophotometers with wavelength range of 200-1000nm or 190-1100nm. Buy a right spectrophotometer for your more precise measurement now.