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    500W Industrial Door Opener, 65Nm, 35m² Area, 2.27A

    ATO 500W industrial door opener uses chain manual and clutch manual two ways . Torque 65Nm, area up to 35m², lifting height up to 5m, frequency up to 20%, continuous operation less than 10min. The shaft diameter is 25.4mm and can be dimensioned.

    800W Industrial Door Opener, 45m² Area, 110Nm, 25.4mm

    ATO industrial door motor with 800W adopts chain manual mode, drive torque is 110Nm, applicable door area can reach 45m². The number of limit turns can reach 18, the shaft diameter is 25.4mm, and the lifting height can reach 7m. 800W industrial door opener is also equipped with a variety of convenient accessories. If you need or have any questions please ask our staff we will quickly reply.

    800kg Swing Gate Opener, 4m, 12mm/s, 120°

    SKU: ATO-OPENER-800kg
    Manufacturer direct selling high quality and cost-effective telescopic swing gate opener. The door motor is designed for a single door with a width of 4m. The maximum stroke is 360 mm. The maximum operating speed is 12 mm/s, fast response and order now.

    120W Garage Door Opener, 21m², 1500Nm, 200VA

    SKU: ATO-GDM-120W
    120W garage door opener with 1500Nm is suitable for ordinary doors with an area of 21 m² and a lifting height of 2.4m or 3.4m. It is suitable for heavy solid wood doors with an area of 15m² and a lifting height of 2.4m or 3.4 m. You can choose according to the size of your garage door. ATO will provide you with all your needs with high quality.

    60W Garage Door Opener, 8m², 160mm/s, 600Nm

    SKU: ATO-GDM-60W
    60W garage door opener is suitable for the door area of 8m² with 1.2mm rail and 10m² with 2.0mm rail, The lifting height can reach 2.4 m to 3.4m. The motor power supply system is 110VA. The motor voltage is 24V DC. IP grade 24. ATO provides you with professional and efficient garage door motor.

    80W Garage Door Opener, 15m², 1000Nm, 150VA

    SKU: ATO-GDM-80W
    80W garage door opener is used for 8m² nomal insulated steel panel door and 15m² wooden panel door. Maximum speed is 140mm/s, duty cyde is 30%, moter is 24V DC. Degree of protection is IP40, Opreating temperature is -20℃ to 50℃.

    1kW Industrial Door Opener, 150Nm, 55m² Area, 7m

    Chain type manual lifting 1kW industrial door opener, suitable for door area up to 55², lifting height up to 7m. Drive Torque is 155Nm, rated current is 4.55A and sleeve shaft diameter is 25.4mm. 1kW industrial door opener is also equipped with a variety of convenient accessories. If you need or have any questions please ask our staff we will quickly reply.

    400kg Swing Gate Opener, 2.5m, 20mm/s, 110°

    SKU: ATO-OPENER-400kg
    ATO linear swing automatic door opener is suitable for villa courtyard with single door weight of 400kg. For doors up to 4m wide with a width of 4m and a speed of 20 mm per second. The running stroke can reach 360 mm. The opening angle is 110°and the motor voltage is 24 V DC.

    ATO focuses on industrial automation products to provide you with high quality professional door motors. Various types of industrial door motor: 1000W, 800W, 500W for you choose. Can pull 800 kg, 400 kg swing gate motor, super high cost performance is your reason to choose them. There are also three types of high configuration garage door motors, which can be selected according to your door area. You can also choose the lifting height according to your needs, from 2.4m to 3.4m. In addition, ATO also provides accessories for these high-quality door motors, so that you can use the door motor to open the door more conveniently and quickly.