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    800W Industrial Door Opener, 45m² Area, 110Nm, 25.4mm

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    ATO industrial door motor with 800W adopts chain manual mode, drive torque is 110Nm, applicable door area can reach 45m². The number of limit turns can reach 18, the shaft diameter is 25.4mm, and the lifting height can reach 7m. 800W industrial door opener is also equipped with a variety of convenient accessories. If you need or have any questions please ask our staff we will quickly reply.
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    • ATO industrial door motor with 0.8kW, 3.64A,18 turns can adjust the speed of the door body in place through the control system to easily protect the door body from damage.
    • This type of door motor has the effect of anti pressure, anti shock and rebound in case of resistance. When the door encounters obstacles during operation, the door will move towards the closing direction, so there is no need to worry about the staff's goods being crushed by the door.
    • ATO 800W industrial door motor also equipped with an emergency button. In case of emergency, pressing the pause key can effectively protect the door body and finance.
    • ATO provides you with extremely safe and convenient door motor to effectively protect your body and property safety.


    ATO high quality and high performance industrial door motor can be used in fire fighting floding door, 4S shop, storage door and warehousing door.


    ATO i-110
    Rated Torque
    Maximum Door Area
    Maximum Lift Height
    Power Rating
    Rated Current
    Nominal Input Voltage
    220V AC ± 10%, 50/60Hz
    Start-up Current
    Manual Operation
    Chain Release
    Duty Cycle
    20% (Maximum Runtime Not Exceed 10min)
    Rated Speed
    Maximum Turns
    Output Shaft Hole Diameter
    25.4mm / Customize
    Maximum Travel
    19 rounds rotation of output shaft
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C to +45°C
    Noise Level
    Degree of Protection
    Slow Start/ Stop Function
    Safety Obstruction Sensing
    Connect to APPLink Smartphone Controller
    Insulation Level
    Maximum Surface Temperature


    800W industrial door opner dimension

    800W industrial door opner dimension2

     Tips: What are the advantages of 800W industrial door opener?

    1. ATO industrial door motor Equipped with the function of manually opening and closing the door, there is no need to be afraid of the trouble caused by power failure. Just pull the clutch chain to open and close the door, light and effortless.
    2. LCD display has two languages: Chinese and English. The running state of motor and error information can be seen at a glance. In case of emergency, it can be solved by yourselves.
    3. 800W industrial door opener adopts frequency conversion design, which can adjust the speed of opening and closing the door respectively.
    4. The operation times of the motor can be set to remind the maintenance of the motor. When the actual operation times of the door body reach the set number, the motor will stop operation, but the manual operation will not be affected.
    5. ATO industrial door motor equipped with alarm lights, antenna, carlink ll intelligent door opening system, three box buttons, airbags, infrared industrial door special electric eye and other equipment, the function is more abundant.

    ATO provides you with all kinds of high quality door motors.

    Existing reviews of 800W Industrial Door Opener, 45m² Area, 110Nm, 25.4mm
    Bring great convenience to my life
    This door opener has brought great convenience to my life. 800W door opener adopts chain manual mode. I've been using door opener for three months and it works very well.
    From: Colleen | Date: 03/08/2022
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    Great price great product
    Great price, I'm very pleased with them. The installation is easy, and their tech support is helpful. The seller is friendly and reply quickly.
    From: Matt | Date: 27/03/2022
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