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    Ball Valves

    Ball valve is a ball as a closing part of the valve, mainly composed of valve body, seat, ball, stem, handle, driven by the valve stem, and around the ball valve axis for rotary movement, in the pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribution and change the flow direction of the medium.

    ATO sells one piece, two pieces, three pieces of stainless steel ball valves, sizes 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch, ball valve lightweight, small size, sealing surface and sphere are often in the closed state, is not easy to be washed away by media, widely used in various industries.

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    1 Piece Ball Valve, 1/4 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-14
    Low cost 1 piece ball vavle, 1/4 inch size, body and ball stainless steel 304/316, high hardness, not easy to corrode and rust, threaded BSP, suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, aviation and other fields.

    1 Piece Ball Valve, 3/8 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-38
    Shop 3/8 inch high pressure ball valve online, 1 piece, 316 stainless steel material, The small ball valve has good sealing performance, mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and can also be used for fluid adjustment and control.

    2 Piece Ball Valve, 1.5 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-F120-15
    Sell 2 piece shut off ball vavle, 1.5 inch, stainless steel 304 and 316 for selection, full port valve has good sealing performance, low fluid resistance, and easy to install and disassemble. Ball valves are widely used in chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, power and other industries.

    2 Piece Ball Valve, 2 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-F120-2
    Sell 2 inch stainless steel ball valve at manufacturer price, made of high-quality stainless steel material, on off ball valve withstand the highest temperature 150℃, 1000 psi pressure. The features of reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance make the ball valve widely used in various industries.

    3 Piece Ball Valve, 1 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-1
    1 Inch ball valve threaded full port, three piece, suitable for water, oil and gas, mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and can also be used for fluid adjustment and control.

    3 Piece Ball Valve, 1/2 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-12
    1/2 Inch 3 piece ball vavle, full port, explosion-proof shaft, 304 or 316 stainless steel material, not easy to rust, long service life, rotate 90 degrees to adjust fully open and fully closed, convenient for remote control.

    3 Piece Ball Valve, 3 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-3
    Full port 3 inch stainless steel ball valve, 3 piece, with lockable lever handle and blow-out proof stem, easy maintenance, simple ball valve structure, long service life, large circulation capacity and low resistance.