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    1" Pneumatic Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way

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    Factory price 1 inch pneumatic ball valve for sale, 2 way or 3 way, equipped with high performance double acting pneumatic actuator, DN25 (25mm) port size, threaded type, flanged type and PVC true union type available. This air actuated ball valve is perfect for water, gas control and other fluid service.
    SKU: ATO-PBV-25A
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    Industrial 1 inch pneumatic ball valve with an air actuator requires compressed air to work, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, paper making, atomic energy, aviation, rocket and other sectors, as well as daily life.


    Ball Valve Model ATO-PBV-25A
    Ball Valve Type (Optional) 2 Way Threaded Type, 2 Way Flanged Type, 2 Way PVC True Union Type, 3 Way Threaded Type, 3 Way Flanged Type
    Port Size 1 inch (DN25, 25mm)
    Environment Temperature -10°C to 60°C
    Medium Temperature -10°C to 180°C
    Medium Pressure 1.6MPa
    Seat Material Plastic (PTFE)
    Body Material Stainless Steel (SS 316/ 304), PVC
    Pneumatic Actuator Model ATO-AT050D ATO-AT063D
    Bore Size 50mm 63mm
    Air Supply Port 1/8 inch 1/4 inch
    Power Source Compressed Air
    Actuator Type Double Acting
    Air Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.8MPa
    Actuator Body Material Aluminum Alloy

    Note: Threaded type ball valve and PVC true union ball valve match with ATO-AT050D pneumatic actuator, and flanged type ball valve matches with ATO-AT063D pneumatic actuator.

    Body Dimension (Unit: mm)

    2 way/ 3 way, stainless steel, threaded type

    2 way 3 way stainless steel thread type pneumatic ball valve dimension

    φd L1 A H1 L2 H2
    25 90 146 146 86 135

    2 way/ 3 way stainless steel, flanged type

    2 way / 3 way stainless steel flanged type pneumatic ball valve dimension

    DN L1 T f D B C H1 H2 A1 A2 L2 N-M
    25 150 16 2 115 65 85 175 175 167 167 180 4-φ14

    2 way, PVC true union type

    2 way PVC pneumatic ball valve dimension

    DN D D1 d L1 A H
    25 33 44 23 20 146 187

    Pneumatic Actuator Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Pneumatic actuator dimension


    Q A B C D E F G H I
    Φ36/Φ50mm 146mm 70mm 30mm 40mm 96mm 69mm 30mm 80mm PF
    J K O P S T U V W X
    M6 1/8" 20mm 40.5mm 4mm 4mm 12mm 24mm 16mm 32mm


    Q A B C D E F G H I
    Φ36/Φ50mm 167mm 82mm 35mm 47mm 113mm 85mm 30mm 80mm PF
    J K O P S T U V W X
    M6 1/4" 20mm 40.5mm 4mm 4mm 12mm 24mm 16mm 32mm

    Three Way Ball Valve Flow Pattern

    T Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns t port

    L Type:

    3 way pneumatic ball valve flow patterns l port

    Tips: How to install a threaded 3 way pneumatic ball valve?

    • Remove the protective covers on both sides of the flange end of the pneumatic three-way female ball valve, and rinse and clean with the valve fully open.
    • The whole machine should be tested according to the regulations before installation, and it can be installed online only after passing the test.
    • Before preparing to connect with the pipeline, it is necessary to rinse and remove the remaining impurities in the clean pipeline.
    • During the installation of the pneumatic three-way internal thread ball valve, please do not use the actuator part of the valve as the lifting point to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories.
    • The 3 way threaded pneumatic ball valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline.
    • The pipeline near the installation point of the pneumatic three-way ball valve shall not be sagging or subjected to external force. Pipe supports or supports can be used to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline.
    • After the pneumatic ball valve is connected to the pipeline, please cross-lock the flange connecting bolts with the specified torque.
    Existing reviews of 1" Pneumatic Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way
    High quality, versatile and easy to operate
    The pneumatic ball valve has performed very well in my use. It can be used as a 2-way ball valve as well as a 3-way ball valve, which makes it very flexible and suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. It is simple to operate, with pneumatic controls that allow for quick on/off and flow control with the easy operation of a button. Its reliability and durability is convincing and I have been using it for quite a long time and haven't had any leakage or performance problems.
    From: vickey | Date: 17/09/2023
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