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    25W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    Single phase 25W AC gear motor is a speed control electric motor, which designed to produce high torque. Pinion shaft type or round shaft type for optional, different gear ratio to choose, the smaller reduction ratio, the higher gearbox output speed. The speed of the motor can be adjusted using the speed controller.

    40W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    High torque single phase AC gear motor is 40W output power, combined with an easy to use speed controller, speed control range from 90-1650r/min, supporting clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, high velocity and energy saving.

    60W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    Low RPM 60W AC motor adds mechanical gearbox to change the speed and torque of the motor for a particular application. Single phase 100V-230V rated voltage, 90-1650r/min speed control range, high velocity and energy saving. The speed and rotation direction of the motor can be adjusted using the speed controller.

    90W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    High torque low rpm AC geared speed control motor for sales, output power is 90W, single phase 110V-230V, combined with an easy to use speed controller, small vibration and low noise, adopts pure copper coil for smooth running and long service life.

    120W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    120 watt 90mm speed control AC gear motor is a specific type of electrical motor that is designed to produce high torque, available in single phase 100V-230V 50Hz/60Hz, speed control range from 90-1650r/min, supplied as lead wire only.

    140W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    Single phase 140W 104mm AC gear motor with speed controller, easy to operate. It has a 90-1650 RPM motor output speed from the speed control module, superior performance and durable, supporting clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

    200W Single Phase AC Gear Motor, Speed Control

    200 watt AC power single phase gear motor with high quality and competitive price, speed control range of 90-1350 rpm/min at 50Hz, 90-1650 rpm/min at 60Hz. This speed control motor can adjust motor speed easily when it connects with a speed controller.

    ATO speed control motor is a single phase AC gear motor. Cheap AC gear motor with an electronic speed controller can adjust the rpm that you required. Pinion shaft or Round shaft, power from 25W to 200W, 3:1 to 200:1 gear ratio for selection. The smaller the gear reduction ratio, the higher the gearbox output speed. Electric motor speed control is ideal for a wide variety of applications due to their long life, aesthetic design, low noise and high efficiency.

    25W-200W AC motor speed control featuresAC gear motor speed control

    • The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, reliable use and convenient maintenance.
    • The speed of the AC motor can be adjusted through the governor to realize various speed changes from low speed to high speed.
    • Wide speed range: 90-1350r / min at 50Hz and 90-1650r / min at 60Hz.
    • AC induction motor is suitable for long-time continuous operation in one direction.
    • When reversing, the reverse operation can only be carried out after the motor is completely stopped. The reverse operation cannot be carried out as quickly as the reverse motor.

    What is a speed controller?


    The automatic speed controller is used to reduce the aperiodic speed fluctuation of some machines. The speed of the reduction motor can be maintained at or close to the set value. Unlike electric motors, water turbines, steam turbines, gas turbines and internal combustion engines cannot automatically adapt to their own load changes, so when the load changes, the units are driven by them will lose stability. This kind of unit must be equipped with a speed controller so that it can establish the adaptive relationship between load and energy supply at any time with the change of load and other conditions, so as to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
    The theory and design of speed controller is the research content of mechanical dynamics. There are many kinds of speed controllers. Among them, a mechanical centrifugal governor is widely used. The speed controller using a tachometer, generator or other electronic equipment as a sensor has been widely used in various industrial fields.

    Why you need a speed control motor?

    1. The addition of a gear motor can reduce the moment of inertia. Generally, the square of the speed ratio is reduced, and the start, stop, and speed can be controlled in time.
    2. Increasing the torque through the speed control AC gear motor is equivalent to increasing the input power, which can reduce the power required by the input motor (where speed adjustment is required). Generally, the motor is expensive, so consider using a gear motor.
    3. The geared motor has the function of protecting the motor in the transmission. During operation, the geared motor bears a large amount of torque. Only the overloaded amount divided by the reduction ratio is transmitted to the motor during overload. If it is directly borne by the motor, the motor may be damaged.
    4. When the speed control AC gear motor is overloaded, the gearbox is damaged first, and the gearbox can be restored to use only by replacing the spare parts. The cost is relatively low. If the motor is directly damaged, the repair is relatively slow and the cost is high.
    5. When the geared motor is directly connected to the load and runs at low speed, the motor will inevitably increase in order to meet the output torque current. This will inevitably have higher requirements for the heat dissipation and insulation of the motor. It is also not desirable from the perspective of energy saving. A speed control gear motor can reduce the impact of these problems.