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    Accelerometer Sensor

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    3-axis Accelerometer Sensor, Digital Output

    SKU: ATO-AS-AKF392
    Cheap price accelerometer sensor with digital output, six different measuring ranges are optional, output rate 5Hz/ 10Hz/ 25Hz/ 50Hz/ 100Hz/ 200Hz/ 500Hz/ 1000Hz. 3-axis accelerometer sensor has the characteristics of strong structure, low power consumption and excellent deviation stability, which guarantees outstanding output reliability.

    Three Axis Accelerometer Sensor, Current Output

    SKU: ATO-AS-AKF398
    Current output accelerometer sensor at affordable price, with 4-20mA output current, three measuring axis X, Y, Z, deviation temperature coefficient 0.01%/ ℃ or 0.05%/ ℃, 500Hz frequency response. Three axis accelerometer sensor can be used in vibration testing, impact testing and other fields.

    Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor, Voltage Output

    SKU: ATO-AS-AKF390
    Cheap price triaxial accelerometer sensor with 0-5V voltage output, working temperature -40°C ~ 85°C, 20g Rms, 20-2000 Hz Vibration. Triaxial accelerometer sensor is used in crash record, wind power generation, traffic system monitoring, roadbed analysis and high-speed railway fault detection, bridge.