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    Piezoelectric Accelerometer Sensor, 0-200g/0-500g/0-1000g

    High sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer sensors for sale, offering selectable 0-200g, 0-500g and 0-1000g ranges. Optional output ranges of 4-20mA or 0-5V and a wide frequency range of 1 to 4000Hz. 304 stainless steel housing ensures durability and reliability. Widely used in vibration monitoring with high sensitivity and reliability to ensure accurate measurement of acceleration data.
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    High-performance piezoelectric accelerometer sensor frequency response range is wide, 0-200g, 0-500g and 0-1000g range is optional, the output signal 4-20mA, 0-5V optional, suitable for long-term online monitoring. Suitable for industrial equipment monitoring, Internet of Things construction, strong anti-interference ability, piezoelectric accelerometer are stainless steel structure, double-layer shielding isolation, waterproof and dirt-proof, optional base M5, M6, M8 threads and magnetic holder mounting methods.


    Static Indicators
    Model ATO-KT06(07)
    Measuring Range 0-200g, 0-500g, 0-1000g (optional)
    Output Range 4-20mA/0-5V (optional)
    Sensitivity 16mA/range,~5V/range
    Frequency Range 1~4000Hz
    Polarity Forward
    Operating Temperature -20℃~80℃
    Protection Class IP67
    Electrical Indicator
    Supply Voltage 18~36VDC
    Bottom Insulation Impedance >108Ω
    Output Impedance <100Ω
    Physical Parameters
    Case Material 304 stainless steel
    Weight ~82g
    Mounting M5 thread, M6 thread, M8 thread, magnetic holder (optional)
    Mounting Torque 25N.M
    Piezo Material PZT-5
    Dimension φ25*54mm
    Output Method C5015*1 two cores
    Wiring Method A: Power, B: Output
    Structure Plane shear
    Sensor Certificate Calibration parameters
    Mounting Screws 1pc
    Two-core Wire 4 Meters*1

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Piezoelectric accelerometer 200-1000g dimensions


    • Accelerometer sensor uses the positive piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric material and has its own internal charge amplifier.
    • Sensor noise is small, anti-interference ability is strong, suitable for long-distance measurement.
    • Suitable for permanent installation and long-term online monitoring.
    • Industrial accelerometer sensors are stainless steel structure, double shielding (isolation), sealed laser welding (waterproof, anti-oil).
    • Piezoelectric accelerometer according to the site requirements to provide flexible installation and output mode.


    Piezoelectric accelerometer 5 to 100g application diagrams

    Tips: How to Install a Piezoelectric Accelerometer Sensor?

    The Piezoelectric accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration and can be used to measure vibration and shock. The following steps are typically required to install this accelerometer sensor.

    • Select a Mounting Location: Choose a location that accurately reflects the desired acceleration information. Ensure that the piezoelectric accelerometer can be influenced by the test object.
    • Clean Surface: Before mounting the transducer, ensure that the mounting surface is clean and free of dust and oil to ensure the adhesive properties of the transducer.
    • Adhesion: Use a suitable adhesive to attach the sensor to the selected location. Make sure the adhesive is of moderate hardness to avoid affecting the sensitivity of the sensor.
    • Connecting Cable: Connect the cable of the piezoelectric accelerometer to the appropriate data acquisition system. Ensure that the connection is secure and reliable.
    • Calibration: Perform the calibration of the piezoelectric accelerometer sensor before use to ensure the accuracy and stability of its output.

    Attention should be paid to environmental factors such as waterproofing and dustproofing during installation to ensure proper operation of the acceleration sensor. It is recommended to refer to the installation manual of the accelerometer sensor and the manufacturer's recommendations.

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