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    HMI (Human Machine Interface)

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    HMI Touch Screen, 4.3 Inch, 480 x 272

    SKU: ATO-HMI-43
    Industrial HMI touch panel 4.3 inch TFT LCD display, 65536 colors, Human Machine Interface can be connected with various industrial automation products, PLC or controller to achieve easy communication and general operation, supports PDF and TXT reader.

    HMI Touch Screen, 7 Inch, 800 x 480

    SKU: ATO-HMI-7
    Low cost HMI touch scaeen for sale, manufacturer direct sales, 7 inch Human Machine Interface display touch screen, 800 x 480 pixels. HMI uses the latest Cortex-A8 / dual-core high-speed processor and a 65,536-color color LCD screen with high brightness and contrast, manufacturer direct sales.

    HMI Touch Screen, 7 Inch, 800 x 600

    7'' HMI touch screen 800x600 pixels, 1 USB host, Human Machine Interface with 65536 color TFT display, with a whole new 2D drawing technique, the screen resolution is enhanced for more realistic images and for more colorful and vivid displays. RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, USB disk, ethernet, audio output, SD card and more are supported for various applications.

    HMI Touch Screen, 10 Inch, 1024 x 600

    SKU: ATO-HMI-10
    Cheap HMI 10 inch for sale, Human Machine Interface 1024 x 600 pixels, bright touch screen, TFT LCD display, good quality HMI touch screen widely used in industrial automation, manufacturer direct sales.

    HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a medium and dialogue interface for transferring and exchanging information between humans and computers, and is an important part of computer systems.

    ATO HMI touch screen price cheap, 10 inch, 7 inch or 4.3 inch touch screen hmi panels are optional, and can be connected to industrial control equipment such as programmable logic controller (PLC), inverter, DC speed regulator, instrument, etc. The display shows that the digital device that realizes the interaction of human and machine information through input unit (such as touch screen, keyboard, mouse, etc.) to write working parameters or input operation commands.