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    HMI Touch Screen, 4.3 Inch, 480 x 272

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    Industrial HMI touch panel 4.3 inch TFT LCD display, 65536 colors, Human Machine Interface can be connected with various industrial automation products, PLC or controller to achieve easy communication and general operation, supports PDF and TXT reader.
    SKU: ATO-HMI-43

    HMI touch screen price low, 4.3" TFT 65536 colors display, back light life up to 20,000 hours, HMI supports GIF graphic Elements, easy setting to play vivid GIF elements.


    Model ATO-DOP-B03S211
    LCD Module Display 4.3" TFT LCD
    Resolution 480 x 272 Pixels
    Back Light LED Back Light
    Back Light Brightness 280 cd/m2
    Back Light Life 20000 Hours
    Display Colors 65536 Colors
    MCU 400 MHz
    Flash ROM 128 MB
    RAM 64 MB
    Backup Memory (Bytes) 16 MB
    Audio Output Multi-Tone Frequency (2K ~ 4K Hz) / 80dB
    AUX N/A
    Ethernet N/A
    Memory Card N/A
    USB 1 USB Host Ver 1.1 / 1 USB Client Ver 2.0
    Serial COM Port COM1 RS-232 (supports hardware flow control)
    COM2 RS-422 / RS-485
    COM3 N/A
    VGA Input N/A
    Delta Professional Integration Function N/A
    Function Key N/A
    Perpetual Calendar RTC Built-in
    Cooling Natural air circulation
    Certification CE, UL
    Waterproof IP65 / NEMA4 / UL Type 4X (indoor use only)
    Operation Voltage*3 DC +24V (-15% ~ 15%)*2
    Voltage Endurance A500V for 1 minute (between charging DC24 terminal and FG terminals)
    Power Consumption*5 2.64 W
    Backup Battery 3V lithium battery CR2032 x 1
    Backup Battery Life Depends on the temperature used and the conditions of usage, usually about 3 years or more at 25° C
    Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 50℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Ambient Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH (0 ~ 40° C), 10% ~ 55% RH (41 ~ 50° C), Pollution Degree 2
    Vibration IEC 61131-2 compliant 5Hz ~ 8.3Hz = Continuous: 3.5mm, 8.3Hz ~ 150Hz = Continuous: 1.0g
    Shock IEC 60068-2-27 compliant 15g peak for 11ms duration, X, Y, Z, directions for 6 times
    Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 129 x 103 x 39mm
    Mounting dimension W) x (H) 118.8 x 92.8mm
    Weight 230g


    1. ATO HMI Embedded Linux System Open system for flexible and stable program development.
    2. New software DOPSoft 4.0 offers more complete functions and a better interface.
    3. Compliant with industrial operation environments, CE / UL Certified Compliant with CE and UL standards.
    4. Ethernet Communication Connects to master device, or PLC with high-speed Ethernet communication.
    5. Communication Isolation COM and Ethernet ports with built-in isolation circuits enhance communication stability. FTP/eMail Supported Simple data transmission and real-time status report.
    6. Easy setting to play vivid GIF elements.
    7. Simple and easy structural programming language to meet various demands.
    8. Pressing times >10,000,000 Effective pressing times increased through strict endurance tests.
    9. IP65 Rating, the front case protects the HMI from snow, rain, and dust.
    10. Diagnostics Function Collects and solves issues remotely, power Isolation, protects the HMI from accidental surge interference.
    11. VNC Remote Monitoring Remote control with mobile devices, supports PDF and TXT Reader, PDF and TXT files supported, User-Friendly, intuitive operation interfaces for users.

    ATO-DOP-B03S211 Dimension (Unit: mm)
    ATO-DOP-B03S211 dimension
    Communication between HMI and PLC
    When the HMI is used in a PLC control system, the HMI and PLC communicate via a serial link in a Direct Link (direct connection) mode. In this mode, the HMI directly reads the data of the PLC or writes the data to the corresponding address of the PLC according to the requirements. Because of the built-in communication protocol, there is no need to compile a communication program. As long as the PLC type used is specified as the communication protocol, communication can be achieved during operation. Therefore, the burden on the PLC user program is greatly reduced. Directly read or rewrite the content of the corresponding address of the PLC, and change the content displayed on the screen accordingly. At the same time, by touching the HMI, you can input data to the corresponding address of the PLC.

    This video will show you HMI and PLC programming and testing.

    Existing reviews of HMI Touch Screen, 4.3 Inch, 480 x 272
    Multi-tasking HMI touch screen
    This HMI touch screen supports not only PFD and TXT, but also GIF. Although programming the GIF can be a little bit tricky, it is well worth for displaying a graphical view of the information. It draws very fast and has immediate touch response. The machine is more efficient to use and easier for workers to operate. I'll be looking at getting more ATO touch screens in bigger sizes.
    From: Otis | Date: 18/07/2021
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    High quality!
    Does it support audio output? Can I set up an alarm system?
    From: Webb | Date: 16/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, ATO HMI touch screen supports audio output of multi-tone frequency (2K ~ 4K Hz) / 80dB. And the alarm system can be set up in the software to allow the operator to detect and act on alarms in time.
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