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    Sound Level Meter

    The sound level meter is an instrument used for noise detection and testing in public places such as work sites, squares and other public places. Higher decibel noise can even cause serious damage to the eardrum of a person, causing deafness and so on. The application of the noise tester can provide the decibel that the noise reaches in order to take relevant measures to control and reduce the noise.

    In order to measure different noise requirements, ATO sells class 1/class 2 sound level meters, which have the characteristics of large dynamic range, large-screen LCD digital display, GPS positioning, and automatic measurement and storage of various data.

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    Sound Level Meter, 40 to 130 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5636
    Compact digital sound level meter, at low price, easy to measure live sound, decibel meter measuring range 40 to 130 dB, frequency range 20 Hz~12.5 kHz, overload indication to protect the class 2 sound level meter from damage.

    Sound Level Meter, 30 to 130 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5636-4
    Class 2 sound level meter with data logging, measuring range 30 to 130 dB, digital sound noise level meter has the advantages of high reliability, good stability, wide dynamic range, and no range conversion.

    Sound Level Meter, 45 to 160 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5661-1C
    Professional class 1 sound level meter is an instrument used to measure noise in the range of 45 dB to 160 dB, digital display 128×64 LED dot matrix, high sensitivity, high accuracy and good long-term stability.

    Sound Level Meter, 17 to 132 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5661-1B
    Buy cheap price sound level meter online, for measuring noise from 17 to 132 dB, digital LED display, class 1 sound level meter can be used to detect areas such as schools, hospitals and residential buildings.

    Sound Level Meter, 25 to 140 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5661-3
    Class 1 sound level meter for sale, RS-232 digital output interface, data logging, measurement range from 25 dB to 140 dB, sound level measuring instrument is widely used for industrial noise measurement and environmental noise measurement of various machines, vehicles, ships, electrical appliances, etc., especially for measuring impulse noise.

    Sound Level Meter, 20 to 143 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-6292
    The sound level meter can read readings between 20 dB-143 dB, 4.3-inch large touch screen, rich and clear interface, IP65, waterproof and dustproof design. The sound level meter has its own map positioning function and adopts the latest data encryption technology to ensure data safety and effectiveness.

    Sound Level Meter, 28 to 133 dB

    SKU: ATO-SLM-5688
    Sound level meter with GPS, bluetooth, recording function, data storage 3 MB, measuring range 28 dB~133 dB, accuracy ±1.0, 2.6 inch color screen display, resolution 240×320, brightness can be adjusted. Portable sound level meter has the advantages of accurate reading and easy to use.