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    Sound Level Meter, 40 to 130 dB

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    The compact digital sound level provides accurate noise level readings in decibels over a measurement range of 40 to 130 dB and a frequency range of 20 Hz to 12.5 kHz. ATO sound measuring instruments have a wide frequency range and A/C weighting. Whether you are in the field or in the office, this sound level meter is the ideal solution for noise level monitoring.
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    A portable decibel meter is an instrument to measure the loudness of sound, can measure 40 to 130 dB of noise, with a digital LCD display, stable performance, compact design, and easy to carry.

    Digital Sound Level Meter Features

    • Professional decibel meter meets the class 2 sound level meter standard
    • Handheld noise meter modular design, select on demand, high cost performance
    • Good decibel meter uses digital signal processing technology with good stability
    • Sound level meter single range, large measuring range, no need to switch, simple and convenient operation


    Model ATO-SLM-AWA-5636
    Microphone Model AWA14421B
    Measuring Range 40 dB(A)~130 dB(A)
    Frequency Range 20 Hz~12.5 kHz
    Frequency Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z for each channel
    Time Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, Peak for each channel
    Monitor Three and a half LCD
    Output Interface AC, DC
    Main Measurement Index Lp、Lmax
    Power Supply 4 (7#) alkaline batteries, which can work continuously for more than 12 hours
    Dimension 190mm x 68mm x 27mm
    Weight 1.5 kg
    Operating Temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃
    Warranty 12 Months

    Portable Sound Level Meter Panel Display

    Sound level meter panel display Sound level meter details

    Handheld Sound Level Meter Applications
    Sound level meter applications
    Tips: 6 Points for attention when using a noise meter

    1. Before using the sound decibel meter, you should read the manual to understand the usage method and precautions of the instrument.
    2. Pay attention to the polarity when installing the battery or external power supply, and do not reverse the connection. The battery should be removed if it is not used for a long time to avoid leakage and damage to the instrument.
    3. Do not disassemble the microphone of the sound level meter, prevent it from being thrown, and place it properly when not in use.
    4. The noise measuring device should not be placed in places with high temperature, humidity, sewage, dust, and air or chemical gases with high content of hydrochloric acid and alkali.
    5. Do not disassemble the sound level meter without authorization. If the instrument is abnormal, it can be sent to the repair unit or factory for overhaul.
    6. The noise meter should be waterproof to prevent falling from high altitude. 

    Existing reviews of Sound Level Meter, 40 to 130 dB
    Practical sound level meter
    I bought this sound level meter to detect the noise near my factory. For the sake of my staff and not affecting the surrounding, I think this sound level meter is very practical. Highly recommended!!!
    From: Farrah | Date: 26/07/2022
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    High Quality and Affordable Sound Level Meter
    This sound level meter is calibrated for equivalent human hearing. The display is backlit for easy viewing of measured sound. The device can capture both min and max data measurements. A hold function has also been included.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Accurate and useful
    I bought it to measure noise around our neighborhood. It is easy to use and solid. Always give accurate reading and help me a lot. Very good and useful tool.
    From: Henry | Date: 31/03/2022
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