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    Sound Level Meter, 28 to 133 dB

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    Sound level meter with GPS, bluetooth, recording function, data storage 3 MB, measuring range 28 dB~133 dB, accuracy ±1.0, 2.6 inch color screen display, resolution 240×320, brightness can be adjusted. Portable sound level meter has the advantages of accurate reading and easy to use.
    SKU: ATO-SLM-5688
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    The professional digital sound level meter features a large, easy to read LCD display and a noise measurement range of 28 dB to 133 dB. Whether you are in the field or in the office, this sound level meter is the ideal solution for noise level monitoring.

    Sound Level Meter Features

    • Class 2 sound level meter measuring range 28dB~133dB, accuracy ±1.0, measurement package
    • The portable decibel meter adopts modular design, users can choose total value integration, statistical analysis, 1/1OCT analysis, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. according to their needs
    • The data logging decibel meter adopts digital signal processing technology, which can simultaneously complete A, C, z three frequency weighting F, S, I three time weighting and other indicators measurement
    • A variety of starting methods can be set to automatically turn on and off the machine at a time to meet the requirements of various automatic starting measurements.
    • Noise decibel recorder adopts LCD display, humanized interface, rich content, low power consumption


    Model ATO-SLM-AWA-5688
    Microphone Model AWA14421
    Measuring Range 28 dB(A)~133 dB(A)
    Frequency Range 20 Hz~12.5 kHz
    Frequency Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z for each channel
    Time Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak for each channel
    Monitor 2.6-inch color screen display, resolution 240×320, brightness adjustable
    Output Interface AC, DC, RS 232, USB
    Main Measurement Index Lxyi, Lxyp, Lxeq, Lxmax, Lxmin, LxN, SD, SEL, LCpeak
    24-Hour Automatic Monitoring Measure 1 time per hour, in addition to statistical analysis of all measurement indicators, there are also Ld, Ln, Ldn
    Data Storage Function Standard 3 MB
    Filter selection 1/1 OCT center frequency: 31.5 Hz~8 kHz
    Other Optional Features Bluetooth, recording, GPS positioning
    Dimension 240mm x 80mm x 30mm
    Explosion-Proof Type Intrinsically safe
    Shell Protection Level  IP44
    Power Supply 4 LR6 (No. 5) alkaline batteries; DC 5 V±0.5 V, 1 A external power supply can also be used
    Weight 2.5 kg
    Operating Temperature -40 ℃~40 ℃
    Warranty 12 Months
    Dimension 220mm x 68mm x 27mm

    GPS Sound Level Meter Panel Display

    Sound level meter with gps panel Wireless sound meter panel

    Class 2 Sound Level Meter Applications
    Sound level meter applications

    Tips: What is a noise detector?

    Noise tester is an instrument used for noise detection and testing in public places such as work sites and squares. Factory noise monitoring Noise pollution is one of the environmental pollutions that have a greater impact. Higher decibel noise can even cause serious damage to people's eardrums and cause deafness. The application of the noise tester can provide the decibel that the noise reaches in order to take relevant measures to control and reduce the noise. The measurement unit of the sound level is decibels. The professional noise tester has a highly sensitive sensor, high accuracy, and a wide range of applications. It can be widely used for noise measurement in various environments. Sound level measuring instrument, collectively referred to as sound level meter.

    Existing reviews of Sound Level Meter, 28 to 133 dB
    It's a good sound level meter
    The engine noise on the boat always makes me feel uncomfortable, now I have this sound level meter, not only can detect the noise accurately, but also have GPS function, this instrument is not too complicated to operate, it is easy to use, in short, it is a great product.
    From: Miles | Date: 13/04/2022
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