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    Electric Hot Knife Foam Board Cutter, Styrofoam, 150mm Blade

    Low price electric foam board cutter comes with 150mm straight cutting blade, allowing it to cut different density foam up to 15cm thick, with supply voltage AC 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz and max. power 150W. With 16-step temperature control, hand-hold hot knife heats fast and make clean, precise cut.

    Handheld Hot Knife Foam Cutter, EPS/XPS, 200mm Blade

    Handheld foam cutter can be used continuously with air cooling system. The 200mm blade on this hot knife can heat up to 500℃ in seconds to give you fast & clean cutting without mess, great for EPS, XPS, etc., for commercial and industrial use. Electric foam cutter is supplied via AC 230V 50Hz and max. power 190W, designed with variable temperature control, light weight, high efficiency and favorable price.

    Electric Hot Knife Fabric Cutter

    Cheap electric fabric cutter does well in cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics with fine edge. The shape blade of hot knife heats up fast and the cutter comes with variable heat setting, allowing it to work efficiently. Power supply AC 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz and max. power 80W. Light weight, convenient use and clean cutting.

    Handheld Hot Knife Fabric Cutter

    Built-in air cooling system, handheld hot knife fabric cutter is designed for continuous use, to cut Polyester cloth, rope, etc. With 16-step adjustable temperature control, hot knife is convenient to cut as required. The shape blade can instantly heat, making precise and clean cut. Input voltage 230V 50Hz, max. power 130W, light design and easy operation.

    Electric Foam Rubber Cutter Saw

    Hand-hold electric foam rubber cutter with 200mm saw blade, is used for most of the cusion shape. Featuring variable speed control (0-3200 RPM), dual saw blades, detachable base with glide rollers, makes cutting foam easy, clean and precise. High cutting accuracy, low vibration and low noise.

    Hot Wire Foam Cutter, Styrofoam Cutting Table

    Hot wire foam cutter is best for vertical and diagonal cutting the styrofoam. This foam cutting table is light, durable and easy to move. Hot wire of the cutter can heat up to approx. 600°C quickly. With adjustable cutting temperature, big working table for convenient operation, foot switch for easy turning on/off, great for building and packing industry.

    Electric hot knife refers to a tool that uses electric energy for heating to achieve cutting. ATO provides a series of hot knife foam cutter, hot knife fabric cutter, foam rubber cutter, etc. These hot knife foam/fabric cutters are hand-hold with space-saving hang hook. Featuring adjustable temperature control, the blade on hot knife heats quickly to make fast, clean and precise cut. The foam cutters are suitable for EPS, XPS, Styrofoam, etc., and the fabric cutter are suitable for Terylene Fabrics, Polyester Fabrics, Printing fabric and Window Curtain Fabric and so on, which are widely used in building, packing, DIY, etc.