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    Electric Hot Knife Fabric Cutter

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    Cheap electric fabric cutter does well in cutting and sealing synthetic fabrics with fine edge. The shape blade of hot knife heats up fast and the cutter comes with variable heat setting, allowing it to work efficiently. Power supply AC 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz and max. power 80W. Light weight, convenient use and clean cutting.
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    Handheld electric hot knife fabric cutter is suitable for cutting Terylene Fabrics, Polyester Fabrics, Printing fabric and Window Curtain Fabric. With sharp blade heating up in seconds, the hot knife is a most efficient hand-hold cutter for cutting synthetic fabrics. The hot cutter can cut and seal the material at the same time and the edge of the fabric is sealed smoothly.


    • Designed for cutting small quantities, short-time use only.
    • Lightweight electric hot knife with sharp blade, fast and clean cutting
    • Temperature of blade can heat up to 500℃ in seconds.
    • With 16 steps adjustment to control temperature
    • Especially suitable for cutting and sealing synthetic fabric efficiently
    • Also used for cutting glue edge of solar photovoltaic glass


    Model ATO-KD-5-0
    Voltage AC 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
    Power Max. 80W
    Intermittent Operation 1/4 min
    Temp. of Blade up to 500℃ in seconds
    Adjustable Knob 16 steps
    Power Cord Length 3m
    Power Plug (Optional) * US/Europe/UK/Australia
    Product Weight 400g
    Product Size 230*50*35mm
    Package Included Fabric Cutter × 1, Blade × 1, Brush × 1, Plastic Box × 1, User Manual × 1


    * Usually, the foam cutters with UK/Australia need longer delivery time (5-10 days).


    Hot knife fabric cutter applications

    Tips: Hot Knife Foam/Fabric Cutter Operation Cautions

    1. Avoid direct contact between the two blade holders to cause a short circuit.
    2. Turn the temperature adjustment knob to the middle position, place the blade on the cutting object, and then press the trigger. The hot knife is preheated for a few seconds to cut. It is recommended to do the cutting test on the waste material first.
    3. It is best to keep the temperature and speed in harmony when cutting. If there is too much smoke, it may be because the cutting speed is too slow or the blade temperature is too high. This may cause irregular and uneven cutting trajectories. In this case, you can reduce the blade temperature or release the switch intermittently during cutting. When cutting, the exposed part of the blade should not exceed 2 cm. If the exposed part is too much, the blade may be bent due to overheating.
    4. Clean the blade with a cleaning brush.

    ATO Hot Knife Foam Cutter

    ATO electric hot knife foam cutter can be equipped with different blades or other accessories to meet your different requirements for quickly and smoothly cutting EPS, XPS, Styrofoam, fabric cloth, etc. It is an ideal tool for artwork, packing, building, sculpture, and other applications.

    Existing reviews of Electric Hot Knife Fabric Cutter
    Is this hot knife suitable for cutting plastic or styrofoam product?
    Is this hot knife suitable for cutting  plastic or styrofoam product? We're looking for one.
    From: Bruce | Date: 18/04/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Sorry, this fiber cutter is suitable for terylene fabrics, polyester fabrics, printing fabric and window curtain fabric. And we have foam cutters that meet your need.
    Recommend a great fabric cutter
    Excellent product and value with a blade and a brush. I use this fabric cutter to cut window curtain fabric easily. If you clean the blade with the included brush each time, it also can lasted almost two years already with regular use. Long enough power cord that I usually do not require an extension.  Would buy this same one again if it ever gave out.
    From: Ophelia | Date: 09/07/2021
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