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    Electric Foam Rubber Cutter Saw

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    Hand-hold electric foam rubber cutter with 200mm saw blade, is used for most of the cusion shape. Featuring variable speed control (0-3200 RPM), dual saw blades, detachable base with glide rollers, makes cutting foam easy, clean and precise. High cutting accuracy, low vibration and low noise.
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    • Professional foam rubber cutter suitable for most of the cusion shape.
    • With 8" cutting height, the foam cutter can cut most foams up to 8 inches thick.
    • Variable speed control foam cutting blade (no heat).
    • Cuts sharp turns with ease. Easily cut out "T" or "L" shaped cushions.
    • Dual foam rubber cutter blades with one moving ensures smooth, accurate foam cuts.
    • Comfortable handle, detachable base with glide rollers.

    Kindly Remider: The foam rubber cutter blade is very shape. In case of getting injured, keep your hands and fingers away from saw blade.


    Model ATO-KD-03
    Input Voltage * (Optional) AC 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz, 18V/4.0Ah Battery
    Rated Power 350W
    Saw Blade * 80mm/ 130mm/ 200mm/ 300mm
    RPM 3800
    Cutting Angle 90 degree
    Power Cord Length 3m
    Power Plug (Optional) * US/Europe/UK/Australia
    Product Weight 2.3kg
    Package Included

    1#. Fabric Cutter, Blade 200mm × 1, Spanner × 1, Carton Box × 1, User Manual × 1

    2#. Fabric Cutter, Blade 80mm × 1, Spanner × 1, Carton Box × 1, User Manual × 1

    3#. Fabric Cutter, Blade 130mm × 1, Spanner × 1, Carton Box × 1, User Manual × 1

    4#. Fabric Cutter, Blade 300mm × 1, Spanner × 1, Carton Box × 1, User Manual × 1


    * Other sizes of saw blade are also available (See below figure), which can be chosen in the Drop-down list.

    * Usually, the foam cutters with UK/Australia need longer delivery time (5-10 days).

    Foam Rubber Cutter Blades

    Electric foam rubber cutter saw blades

    Tips: Electric Foam Cutter Precautions

    1. Make sure to use this foam cutter in a ventilated environment.
    2. Do not burn the debris on the blade, otherwise the blade will bend.
    3. Do not dry heating the blade. Please contact the cutting object before heating.
    4. Do not touch the blade, and do not place the hot blade near clothing or flammable materials.
    5. Handle the blade after it has cooled to avoid accidental injury.
    6. Do not make the blade burn red without cutting the material.
    7. The output of ultra-high power will cause the blade to overheat and deform, and may also cause the tool holder to overheat and damage the cutting tool. Adjust the appropriate output power to achieve a reasonable cutting speed.
    8. Press and hold the switch for a few seconds to heat the cutter. Especially for the foam cutters that designed for short term use, it cannot be heated for long time.

    ATO Hot Knife Foam Cutter

    ATO electric hot knife foam cutter can be equipped with different blades or other accessories to meet your different requirements for quickly and smoothly cutting EPS, XPS, Styrofoam, fabric cloth, etc. It is an ideal tool for artwork, packing, building, sculpture, and other applications.

    Existing reviews of Electric Foam Rubber Cutter Saw
    There is a burning smell once used
    I have actually checked the other foam cutter mentioned in the technical report we sent. There is a burning smell once the foam cutter is used. We would like to ask for your support on this matter. Hoping for your kind and usual response regarding this matter.
    From: Javier | Date: 05/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The carbon brushes of the brushed motor inside the cutting machine will wear out, so there is a burning smell, which is normal. Please replace the carbon brush after a certain period of use. (about one or two years)
    Electric foam rubber cutter work well
    This hot cutter works well. It gets really hot so you have to be careful as the little metal brackets they contain aren't huge or sturdy, but get the job done.
    From: Hange | Date: 23/11/2022
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    Solid value for the money
    Blade will seemingly last for several cutting cycles. I use it for my model railroading hobby. Truly solid value for the money. I will recommend to my friends.
    From: Beeyh | Date: 22/07/2022
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    Better than other foam cutters I have used
    Much better electric foam rubber cutter saw than others I have used. Heats fast, kit has a much better grade of elements, and clearly better built. This is the best one I have found. I hope that this electric foam rubber cutter saw holds up under use.
    From: Colleen | Date: 09/06/2022
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    Highly recommend this foam cutter
    This is a great foam cutter, especially for the price. I can buy bulk foam sheets and cut the blocks myself using a table-top jig. Highly recommend!
    From: Beahn | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Purchased on a friend's recommendation
    A very useful foam hot cutter, I have been using a utility knife before. I happened to see such an electric hot cutter in a friend's studio. I used it out of curiosity and found it to be great, so I bought the same on
    From: Logan | Date: 11/04/2022
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    design in cut out "T" is great!
    I use this foam cutter to cut 8 inches thick foams very easily, and there is one thing I must point out: one of it's feature is it can cut out "T" or "L" shaped cushions, and I just need to make this shape of cushion, it actually help me a lot!
    From: Monica | Date: 10/09/2021
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