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    1 kVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home

    The provided ATO automatic voltage stabilizer for home applications is 1 kVA, single phase, input voltage range from AC 140 volt to 260 volt and 220V±8% output voltage. It features low loss, instant overload protection, low noise and long lifetime and is the best choice for home.

    2 kVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home

    Single phase high precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer with 2 kVA capacity, 140-260V input voltage range, 220V output, compact size, reliable and strict design, is a kind of servo motor control LED display stabilizer for home used.

    3 kVA Single Phase Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    Best 3 kVA single phase domestic voltage stabilizer owns the wide input voltage range 140V to 260V, light in weight, delay output, little wave distortion and reliable. This LED relay type full automatic AC voltage stabilizer adopts the international advanced technology and intelligent CPU centralized control technology.

    5 kVA Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home

    The provided LED display automatic voltage stabilizer is a kind of relay control stabilizer with 5 kVA, single phase, 140-260V AC input voltage range, 220V output supply with an accuracy of +/-8%. It has the advantages of high efficiency, reliable performance, is ideal for the domestic purpose.

    50 kVA 3 phase Industrial AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    3 phase industrial full automatic compensated voltage stabilizer is 50 kVA capacity, 304V to 456V AC input voltage range. The high quality voltage stabilizer is manufactured using the best quality components and progressive technology and is extensively used in various industrial applications.

    500 VA Single Phase Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    500 VA single phase AC automatic voltage stabilizer is based on relay control system & programmed control computerized technology for domestic purpose. It has many unique features which enable it to give high performance, better reliability and save electricity.