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    500 VA Single Phase Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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    500 VA single phase AC automatic voltage stabilizer is based on relay control system & programmed control computerized technology for domestic purpose. It has many unique features which enable it to give high performance, better reliability and save electricity.
    SKU: ATO-AVS-1P500V
    Delivery date: 10-20 days


    • Wide input voltage: 150-250V AC or customize
    • The high accuracy of the output voltage: 220V±3%, other voltages can be customized
    • High technology: Programmed control computerized
    • Perfect protection function: Over/low voltage protection, over-heat/load protection, short circuit protection
    • Fashion design: LED display which can show all protection functions.such as input voltage, output voltage, temperature, loading, fault indication and so on.


    Product Name Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    Model Number ATOTND-500
    Technology Relay Control System+Programmed control computerized+control algorithmn relay "Cross zero"
    Capacity 500 VA (The power capacity of voltage stabilizer needs to be 1.5~2 times greater than the load power)
    Phase Single Phase
    Input Voltage Range ±15% tolerance of output voltage
    Output Voltage* 220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±6% (Optional)
    Adjust Time <1sec. (Against 10% input voltage deviation)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Current Type AC
    Protection Over Voltage <250±2V
    Protection Lack Voltage <185±2V
    Ambient Temperature -10°C~+40°C
    Insulation Resistance ≥5MΩ
    Temperature Protection 110℃±10℃
    Relative Humidity <90%
    Wave Form Distortion No additional wave form distortion
    Efficiency >95%
    Display LED
    Protection Grade IP20
    Dielectric Strength 1500V/min
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty Period 12 months
    Weight 2.5 Kg
    Size LxWxH=190x180x130mm
    Note: The provided 500VA voltage stabilizer is 1-phase (L, N, G) in accordance with Europe standard. Split phase (L1, L2 + G) like USA standard can't be customized.


    Single phase automatic voltage stabilizer applications


    Tips: What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

    Voltage stabilizer is a kind of power supply equipment which can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage which fluctuates greatly and cannot reach the requirement of electrical equipment within its set value range, so that various circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under rated working voltage. With the increasing number of household electrical equipment, the use of voltage stabilizer is more and more extensive. Domestic voltage stabilizer is mainly used to stabilize the voltage of TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.

    In this video ATO uses a voltage regulator and multimeter to test the output voltage of the 3 kva voltage stabilizer which has 140V to 270V AC input, 220V AC output. After testing, we may see that the output voltage is within 220V ± 6%, which is in line with the standard.

    Existing reviews of 500 VA Single Phase Domestic Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    Reliable quality
    I searched for a long time to found this 500 VA single-phase home automatic voltage regulator. It has been running for two weeks and there is no problem.
    From: amanda | Date: 09/07/2021
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    Can you provide the voltage regulator I need?
    Could you provide voltage regulator with customized specs as follows?
    Capacity: 50 kVA
    Frequency: 60Hz.
    Input: Split phase (L1, L2   G), 480V±10%.
    Output: Split phase (L1, L2   N), 240/120V
    Current: 208A
    Accuracy: ±1%
    From: Naumann | Date: 25/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can customize a voltage regulator with the same specs like your attached name plate "tag", as follows:
    Model: ATO-AVS-50kVA
    Capacity: 50 kVA
    Frequency: 60Hz.
    Input: Split phase (L1, L2 + G), 480V±10%.
    Output: Split phase (L1, L2 + N), 240/120V
    Current: 208A
    Accuracy: ±1%
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