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    Network Cable Tester

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    Digital Network Cable Tester, RJ45, RJ11

    SKU: ATO-NCT-300
    The digital network cable tester for sale, which consists of a main tester, audio probe and remote identifier, measures cable lengths and troubleshoots LAN and coaxial cables. ATO network cable tester kit is widely used in telephone systems, computer networks and other areas.

    Multifunction Network Cable Tester, RJ45/RJ11

    SKU: ATO-NCT-868
    The multifunction network cable tester is designed to test RJ11 and RJ45 terminated cables for miswiring, open and short circuit faults. ATO ethernet cable tester uses high quality materials and advanced circuitry to ensure accurate and reliable testing every time.

    Network LAN Cable Wire Tracker Tester, RJ45, RJ11

    SKU: ATO-NCT-306
    The network lan cable tracker is used to test network cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables, USB connections, crossovers and crosstalk. Network cable tester has a self-test function that automatically compensates for changes in battery power, regardless of ambient temperature changes. ATO network cable wire tracker designed to identify faulty cables quickly and accurately, saving users time and money on costly repairs.

    Network/Ethernet Cable Tracer, RJ45, RJ11

    SKU: ATO-NCT-683
    Network cable tracer is an intelligent cable tracer consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. Receiver RJ45 interface for short-circuit/break/sequence detection of network cables, transmitter RJ45 interface for cable finding/pairing detection of network cables. The ethernet cable tracer is suitable for routine network communication maintenance, integrated cabling network projects and other metal conductor wiring projects and maintenance work.

    A network cable tester is a device that is used to verify the connectivity and integrity of network cables. It typically has two components, a transmitter and a receiver, which are connected to either end of the cable being tested. The tester sends a signal through the cable and measures the response from the other end to determine if there are any faults, such as breaks or shorts in the wires, or if the cable is properly connected. This tool is essential for network technicians to quickly identify and troubleshoot network issues.

    Looking for a reliable and reasonably priced network cable tester? has a full range of testers designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. ATO network cable testers are easy to use and provide accurate results, making them a must-have tool for anyone in the IT industry.