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    Network LAN Cable Wire Tracker Tester, RJ45, RJ11

    The network lan cable tracker is used to test network cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables, USB connections, crossovers and crosstalk. Network cable tester has a self-test function that automatically compensates for changes in battery power, regardless of ambient temperature changes. ATO network cable wire tracker designed to identify faulty cables quickly and accurately, saving users time and money on costly repairs.
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    Network cable lan tracker is the ideal tool for testing RJ11 and RJ45 terminated cables for miswiring, open and short circuit faults. Network lan cable tester has an illuminated light function for easy working in dark environments. It is suitable for the installation and maintenance of telecommunication and computer networks, data transmission equipment, cable TV, etc.


    Model ATO-NF306
    Length Test Cable Type Network cable, BNC coaxial cable
    Length Measurement Range ≤1500m
    Length Test Uncertainty ±3%
    Wire Finding Test Cable Type Network, telephone. BNC coaxial cable, USB and other metal cables
    On-off Test Cable Type Network cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables, USB-A cables
    Main Tester Interface RJ45, RJ11, USB, BNC
    Remote Connector RJ45, BNC, USB, RJ11
    Length Calibration Calibration of cable lengths greater than 10m
    Sensing Range Adjustable between 0- 60mm
    Power Supply 9V battery
    Accessories Box + kit + manual + batteries + headphones + crocodile clips


    • Find BNC coaxial cables, shielded and common network cables, four-core network cables, telephone cables, USB cables and other metal cables with superb immunity to interference and no noise.
    • Alligator clips extend to find the wire and cable, and can find its short circuit location.
    • Available in the switch, router power on state to find the line.
    • Capable of measuring the length of network cable within 305m, can determine the location of short circuit and break point, with calibration function.
    • Capable of measuring the length of coaxial cables up to 2500m, with accurate location of break points.
    • Able to accurately determine the open circuit point at one end (left, right or middle).
    • Low voltage indication function when the host voltage is too low (≤6V).
    • Short-circuit, short-circuit, cross-circuit and short-circuit test for BNC coaxial cable, and short-circuit test for telephone cable.
    • Setting and storage and retrieval functions.
    • Automatic delayed power off and backlight function.



    Network cable lan tracker tester details


    The network cable tester is an essential tool used in the field of network and data communication systems. It is primarily used to test the continuity, connectivity, and performance of network cables and wiring. A network cable tester is commonly used in different industries, including IT, telecommunications, security systems, and home automation. Network cable tester applications
    Tips: What features do network cable testers need?

    • Continuity testing: This feature checks if the cable is physically intact or if there are any breaks or faults.
    • Wire mapping: This feature checks if the cables are connected correctly according to the wiring standard.
    • Length measurement: This feature measures the length of the cable and provides accurate readings to ensure the cable meets the required length.
    • Signal detection: This feature detects the signals transmitted through the cable and checks for any interference, noise, or distortion.
    • Network tracing: This feature helps to locate and trace network cables and ports, making it easier to identify faults.
    • Data transmission testing: This feature sends data packets through the cable and checks if they are transmitted without errors.
    • PoE testing: This feature checks if the cable is capable of transmitting power over ethernet.
    • Display: A clear and easy-to-read display is important for displaying the test results.
    • Portability: Network cable testers need to be portable and easy to carry around for on-site testing.
    • Compatibility: The tester should be compatible with different types of cables and connectors.
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